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  1. Tuan's second help did the trick!!! Thank you so much @tuanphan. li.page-collection.active-link i { visibility: visible;}
  2. Hi Paul2009, I'm indeed new here. I'm using the Five-template. The site is still not published, I attached a screenshot here. If you can see there are a few lines, the canvas, underneath the banner image. These I would like to raise on top of it. The canvas image has a transparent background with only the lines not transparent. Since none of my above settings seem to have any effect, there are no settings in use.
  3. Thanks Tuan, I sent you an message via your contact form. I'm curious what you can do.
  4. Someone helped me solve it: .sqs-block-image:hover { brightness: 100%; transition: .6s; cursor: pointer;} .sqs-block-image:not(:hover) img { filter: brightness(0.3); transition: .3s;} .sqs-block-image:hover .image-card-wrapper { display:none;}
  5. Hi I use the Five template and added a few poster images to one page. The effect I would like is the poster with title+subtitle to be a little darker and on hovering over the image turning normal bright and the title+subtitle disappears. The image should also function as a link. I managed to setup a hover effect, but I have two problems: 1. Due to the brightness filter on the not hovered image, the title+subtitle are also darker. I would like them to be normal white. 2. Upon hovering the filter clears, but title+subtitle don't vanish. These are my CSS settings, yet I don't know squaresp
  6. Thanks tuanphan. a:active is certainly a better try than mine. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything either.
  7. Hi I am using the Five template and try to raise the z-index of my transparent canvas which just features an outline of a geometrical shape so that the line shows overlays the banner image. I don't know the squarespace tags and tried z-index:1; for: .sqs-canvas-background-image .sqs-canvas .sqs.canvas-image canvas-wrapper yet none work. Maybe I'm on the completely wrong track. Thanks for putting me back on the right track.
  8. Hi, I use the Five template and adjusted my navigation to include an icon underneath the page name. The icon is hidden, but shows on hover. I would also like it to show without hover on the active page.This is the navigation I have now (I added spaces after every < to make the tags show): < div class="navi">< div class="navitext">pagename< br>< /div>< i class="icon(through fontawesome) naviconpos">< /i>< /div> CSS settings: .navi {display: block; visibility: hidden;} .navi:hover {visibility: visible;} .navi:active {visibility: visible;} .n
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