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  1. Hi All, I’m a filmmaker with little CSS experience, trying to add festival laurels to the bottom of my home page. I’m using Gallery Grid with the 4x across design and adding more as I go. I had used a custom CSS over the summer to dynamically adjust for mobile and iPad, but since adding a new gallery underneath (same design), the new row no longer retains the same formatting and becomes 2 x 2 and oversized, when compared to the top two rows. I also tried just editing my original gallery but the option to upload new images to it seems to overwrite my original gallery, so I figured I
  2. thank you so much @sandwichcomputer I'm trying to find a css code to modify the video-block slightly, and just move it a hair over to the left, so it's touching the left-side wall (and giving more space on the right-side) This would all be for mobile If you have any ideas, I would truly, truly appreciate it! https://followmyth.squarespace.compw: jpsmithx Brian
  3. Hi Again, Final post for this: Seeking a solution to a placement issue I'm having with the youtube embed on my homepage, being slightly off from touching the left-side of container wall. This issue is specifically for mobile and ipad (not desktop). If anyone has a code for moving the video embed over a tiny bit, so it's touching the left-container wall (and adding a little more room on the right side) I would be eternally grateful! https://followmyth.squarespace.compw: jpsmithx Thank you,Brian
  4. Hello Again, I'm trying to elevate our front page a bit, with a customizable css text for fitting the entire container with no pad for mobile. Additionally, if there is also any additional way to customize the video embed for desktop view as well, that would be hugely appreciated! Account is https://followmyth.squarespace.compw: jpsmithx Thank you,Brian
  5. Thanks! Site URL: https://followmyth.squarespace.compw: jpsmithx Just at the bottom of my home page, underneath the video embed link
  6. Thanks! Site URL: https://followmyth.squarespace.compw: jpsmithx Just at the bottom of my home page, underneath the video embed link
  7. Hi First Time Squarespace User Here, I'm designing a website for my film and trying to showcase our festival laurels on the front page of our site. The laurel icons looks fine on desktop view, but then they become huge when displayed on ipad and mobile. They go from 4 across to 2 across, so I am wondering if a css code is possible to resize this so they stay 4 across the whole time? Also, this may sound goofy but I really don't know: Can I link you guys to my site without going live? Appreciate any help! Brian
  8. Hi, trying to do one single line of images, using the gallery block, so you can scroll through continuously. All the defaults for Gallery Blocks start at two rows and I can't seem to make it one row. Does anyone have a css script for this?
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