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  1. lmao I knew it was going to be something easy! I just wasn't dragging quite how I should. Thanks man!!
  2. You can see the homepage I'm working on here: https://mustard-purple-5te8.squarespace.com/ (password: "stmarkstest") If you scroll down you will see the 3-up image section I have added, where each images has a button beneath it. this looks good and works on PC and tablet, but on mobile the buttons are moved below all three images because of how the browser sees the sections are organized. Is there a way to tell Squarespace to keep each button below it's relevant image when the screen size changes?
  3. I have an index page on Brine that I am trying to set specific padding values for. I need to reduce all the white space between sections, but don't want to implement on a site-wide basis. I know I can do this in the page-level CSS, I just don't know how. Any help? Page: https://mustard-purple-5te8.squarespace.com/messages Password: stmarkstest Thank you!
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