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  1. I resolved half of the issue by adding a custom header through the Design custom CSS box, then applying in a code box, however it only works in preview mode. I'm trying to figure out what the issue is there.
  2. It's hyperlinked in the original post as well. https://pbafs.squarespace.com
  3. For only the first banner on this site I'm trying to put a white glow behind the text so it shows over the image. I've sort of figured out the CSS code (below) for the effect I want on the heading but I'm not sure exactly how to apply this to only the body on this banner without making it show up on all of them. h1 { color: #FFFFFF; text-shadow: #FFF 0px 0px 5px, #FFF 0px 0px 10px, #FFF 0px 0px 15px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 20px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 30px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 40px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 50px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 75px; }
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