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  1. I want to send a big thank you to tuanphan for this code. I just used it for a friends web shop and it worked really well! I was easily able to set the ratio to 16:9 by adjusting the padding percentage. Thanks again tuanphan!
  2. I am sorry that I forgot -- add the collection to the beginning. #collection-5f99b88a1c958f5939d72fa8 .Header-search { display: none!important; }
  3. This should work -- add this to the custom css section: .Header-search { display: none!important; }
  4. I am starting to view SQSP as a basic shell for web design. There's almost no website that I build that doesn't involve a good amount of custom coding to enable some basic features overlooked or forgotten by SQSP. I mean, can anyone tell me how a basic back to top button wouldn't be a standard feature? Here's an option to add parallax scrolling back into any 7.1 site: https://squarestud.io/shop/parallax
  5. Hello @TAP_MB, Based on experience, this is not going to resolve itself anytime soon. It's best to find another route for a solution. You are probably going to want to use the summary block and use one of these options: Go to link below and look for the plugin called "Infinite Scroll" or "Infinite Scroll Filter". These will both increase the 30 summary block limit. The second one allows for tabs to be added. https://www.squarepaste.com Alternatively: https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/lazy-summaries Best of luck!
  6. Hello, I am setting up a blog using 7.1 and would like it to show as an infinite scroll. Does anyone know if this is possible? Is there a way to override the 20 post limit? I can code the summary block to exceed 30 posts but I need to use categories and these take the visitor back to the original blog. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Marcus
  7. Hello @moss22boss, Vox Pop (contact@voxpopagency.com) used to sell a plugin that does this. I've used it on projects and it worked great! I'm not sure why they don't sell it anymore, but it's worth contacting them and asking about the "Page Transitions Plug In". They definitely know how this can be done. Best of luck!
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