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  1. Thank you. I have added PayPal. I will see if this changes things. I hope so. I could not find the support document. Could you send me the specific link..? Thanks you so much!
  2. I have upgraded to commerce to see the funnel data. However Visits and Product Views work, but Cart is not showing any data. My website does not yet allow users to buy. Upon clicking Checkout (= Kasse in this German website), they are redirected to a Checkout-Closed page, where users are informed that the shop is not finished yet, etc. But I wonder why it does not record the products added to the Cart, which is a step before checkout. Please advise
  3. Hi guys, i am working in Brine template. This is the URL: https://mauve-okra-yrme.squarespace.com/test-for-hero-module1. I am struggling really with this thing. I read a lot about it here and elsewhere but to no results: I managed to add CSS code to show certain sections on desktop but not on mobile. And vice versa. This works fine. On my page, there is an Index with TEST in the name. My trouble is the image I use for the "New-Page". I can't get it to show well in retina, and all other mobile devices... I tried max-width, height, 100% etc etc... I am lost.... It must be a simple short piece of code... I now added a 1500px wide image, ... don't worry about view on tablet for for ... I just need the full height to be shown.... also on retina... ThanksThomas
  4. Sure. i t is however in preview: https://mauve-okra-yrme.squarespace.com/config/pages So i ma not sure you can see it... can you?
  5. For example it says (in German): So gut fühlt sich Lebensenergie an. In one template it moves the word Lebensenergie to the 2nd line. In another (Fairfield) is cuts the word in two. Is there code to stop this?
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