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  1. I have two images that I want to butt against each other. They need to be maintained as two images so that they are each clickable directing the user to two different URLs. Anyone know of a technique, trick or code injection the will allow me to accomplish this? Thanks. Michael
  2. I am using the [Version 7.0– Pacific family (Pacific template)]. I selected it because the specs identify one of the options as a blog. When I go to add page, no blog option is available? Thanks for your assistance, Michael
  3. Hi Paul2009: I accidentally clicked on "accept" as I thought that was to allow me to accept my input and post it. It is apparently to accept the answer so no further response is required. Would it be possible to take a look at my problem once again? Thanks Michael
  4. Hi Paul2009: The page that I am working on is here: https://stockdotgenie.com/tradingview-live-quotes I attempted to paste the code into this forum but it truncated it into just titles of each code block. Thanks, Paul, Michael
  5. I am attempting to add the following code block to my web page. Squarespace apparently does not want code inserted into their support questions.You can see the code here under the <> link: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now%201-d&q=bitcoin It is not working and yes I log out and view it as a guest. I have other code blocks working correctly on other Squarespace pages. Thanks for any ideas, Michael
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