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  1. Site URL: https://www.studioksr.com/ Hi, I have several existing pages set up with gallery blocks that show the title/caption of the image in the grid: https://www.studioksr.com/paintings I like the layout a lot, but I would like to start using categories and tags. my site is based on the Rally Template in the Brine Family. So I need to change to gallery page instead of gallery block. But the image caption does not appear in the grid design-- it only shows in the lightbox after a viewer clicks on an image. Here is my unpublished gallery page that I am experimenting with: https://www.studioksr.com/gal-cats I'm hoping to find some custom CSS that I can add to the new gallery block page that would force the text to show in the grid -- ideally below the image like it appears here https://www.studioksr.com/paintings Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Thank you Tuan Phan! I corrected the code for the color and I finally see a change! I will have to figure out how to set up a site url with password--I don't know how to do that but I have someone who should be able to help me figure it out tomorrow. I will also search the forum to see if the answer is there. The code only changed the one gallery and I have other galleries in the site so I will need to figure that out also. I really appreciate your help!
  3. Here is a link to the page: https://burgundy-helicon-3hye.squarespace.com/new-page-3 Here is the current CSS I tried on that page (note: I have played around with the code on various gallery pages) .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow .meta .meta-title {1. color: 454545;}
  4. I would like to change the color of the Title font to black or another color instead of white in my slideshow. I could then set the background to transparent and have black on white letters for both title and description. I have been searching the forum and reading a lot about Custom CSS and I feel like I understand a lot, but am missing something because when I attempt a change I see no effect at all. I have found the code section in html and CSS using Chrome: Inspect and I have also tried pasting code from other forum users, but I don't see any changes when I paste their code into the Custom CSS on my site. I am still using the trial version of Rally template. Eventually I would also like to move the text block to the upper right -- another template gave that option, but I can't find any options for position in Rally. Am I missing something? If not, it seems like I should be able to figure this out in custom CSS also. For example, I tried this code but nothing changed: .collection-type-gallery:not(.gallery-design-grid) .sqs-system-gallery .slide-meta .title { margin: 0; font-size: 14px; color: ##003366; padding: 0 2%;} Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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