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  1. Turns out, I'm completely incorrect. The only way to do it is to link ALL images in the product header, then manually go through and add images to the variants in the inventory tab. I have spoken to support who have passed this function onto the developer team so hopefully we'll see this much easier in the future!
  2. Hi, I am also struggling with this. Sorry I can't help a lot but maybe it'll work for you. By adding a different image link in the CSV only on the top line of the new variant (for example colour blue has 3 different sizes, but only adding on the top row of the 'blues') *should* upload a separate image for when that variant is selected. I am trying to bulk upload 4000 products and don't want to manually add different colours of product. The spreadsheet annoyingly doesn't work properly for me when trying to do this, but I'll get onto customer support in the morning to see if they can help.
  3. I have solved this. A friend has hosted the images himself on a wordpress site. If I find out more I will post it!
  4. Site URL: https://dressupandparty.squarespace.com Hi, I'm fairly new here but here goes, hope you can help! I am setting up a store which has approx 3000 products in. I have a large spreadsheet of every single product in, and from the supplier, three image files for each product. I am trying to find a way to bulk upload the images for the products in a far quicker way than copying and pasting 3000 links into the spreadsheet. For example: Image file name is 12345.jpg currently stored locally, but I need to host it to be a link. I need a link that is for example www.website
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