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  1. I have several blogs which are categorised on my page, broken down as themes. Is there any way I can go add blog posts to my 'Latest Posts' summary block from more than one blog? For example: I have Themes such as Character Development, Story + Synopsis, Production Status etc, and would love to have the option to have the latest posts from all of these blogs present on my Latest Posts summary block that appears on my home page? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Sam
  2. Hi, I am creating a website for a TV Series and would love to know if there is a way I can add music to the homepage that isn't an audioblock/something physically on the page as we want to try and engage the audience and allow them to explore the universe using multiple senses. We would want the track to stop once it has finished playing as there are other videos and tracks (that we don't want to hide) further down the site. I don't know if it is possible to create two separate bits of code, one to hide the track and one to make it autoplay. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Ok thanks, it is an MP3, existing now on my mac. I will try to look into the link you sent me to see how it can be done. If not I may come running back!
  4. Hi @kenwestphal I actually got the text to work now, so no worries on that one, i didn't realise code was case-sensitive. However, my boss now wants something more advanced which is to add music into a pop up window. This can simply be a music box on the popup but i don't know how to go about that in code. Is this possible and if so, do you know how to do something like that? Thank you so much in advance. Sam
  5. Hi! I am using this code now, and I am not a developer so my skills are basic, but now I have created a button "Denial", with which I want it to click through to a popup window which defines denial (I will do this with all of the stages of grief). I am only at the first of five and already at a loss. Anyway, the popup window appears but is very small, with the X button in the top right corner, but the text does not appear. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help in the matter.
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