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  1. I used a jpeg compression tool for all my images, but I recently read that my site will load faster if the images are saved as JPEG 2000 or JPEG X. It sounds like JPEG 2000 is compatible with more browsers. Has anyone tried this?
  2. Thank Paul. Is there a way around this? I don't want our SEO to be negatively affected by this error but I don't think the company will be willing to change the appearance of the site.
  3. I'm having a search engine issue with Missing/Invalid H1 flags on most of my web page. We do not want to add any text to these pages, but the site has a white background. Does anyone know if I create page headings with the Heading 1 font setting, but use white text so it is not visible, if this will resolve my issue? Thanks! https://www.cearnal.com/projects/all-projects
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