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  1. Try this guide also, wrap the code in @media screen and (max-width:900px) { paste the CSS for mobile, tablet here, remember removing style }
  2. I checked your site, and didn't see Google Tag Manager code? Can you take screenshot where you insert?
  3. your shop link should be https://www.marikamala.com/shop the button link is https://www.marikamala.com/shop-marta Edit & change to correct link
  4. Can you share link to your site? I think this problem is difficult. But I can take a look.
  5. add to Home > Design > Custom CSS div#navigationTop { margin-top: 0; }
  6. Yes. You can use css to set pointer-event for cursor, I guess. Can you share link to your site?
  7. I supposed to replace "site-title" yes each template has different "site title". If you share link to your site, I can take a look. If you don't want to share here, you can send via link in signature.
  8. access web.archive.org and paste your old answer forum link
  9. <div class="tuan"> <div class="b1"></div> <div class="b3"></div> <div class="b3"></div> <div class="b4"></div> </div> div b1 will have: .tuan div:nth-child(1) div b2 will have .tuan div:nth-child(2) div b3 will have .tuan div:nth-child(3) ...
  10. You can follow this guide. (replace contact page with donate form page)
  11. a[href="/shop"]+.Header-nav-folder a:nth-child(5) {display: none;} or this a[href="/shop"]+.Header-nav-folder a:nth-child(5) {visibility: hidden;} maybe visibility will work.
  12. Depends...You need to add nav items first. It will like this (just an example) a[href="/shop"]+.Header-nav-folder a:nth-child(5) with 5 is nav item order
  13. You can control by adding blank nav items, then use CSS to hide them.
  14. Have you tried CSS yet? If yes, have you tried !important yet? Can you share link to your site? Difficult to give exactly CSS code without site url.
  15. You can use Image Block + some CSS. Then share link to your site, I can take a look.
  16. Each template needs different code. Can you share link to your site?
  17. Have you solved yet? Can you share link to your site?
  18. Insert 1 Code Block (for all code), then Paste all HTML into Code Block Wrap all CSS in <style>paste css here</style> and paste to Code Block Wrap all JavaScript in <script>paste script here</script> and paste to Code Block Save and view live site.
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