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  1. Do you need to help on these? Site URL – https://www.venueretreat.com/ 1. (Desktop/Tablet) Button Chat overlap button Accept. https://www.venueretreat.com/ 2. (Desktop – Wedding) Remove a horizontal line? https://www.venueretreat.com/raices-inkas-peru 3. (Desktop – Blog posts) Reduce space between paragraphs? https://www.venueretreat.com/blog/travellingtheworldwithanxiety 4. (All devices – Blog posts) Scroll bar at the bottom of page. https://www.venueretreat.com/blog/flyinghenssolotravelguestpost 5. (Mobile – Header) The header is large in size. https://www.venueretreat.com/ 6. (Mobile – Homepage) Text and button overflow screen. https://www.venueretreat.com/ 7. (Mobile – Homepage) Remove the blue space at the bottom of page. https://www.venueretreat.com/ 8. (Mobile – Venues) Image overlaps text. https://www.venueretreat.com/ecolodge 9. (Mobile – Wedding) Header overlaps image. https://www.venueretreat.com/destination-wedding-planners 10 . (Mobile – Blog posts) Paginations are too long. https://www.venueretreat.com/blog/luxurious-wedding-event-venue-malaga-spain 11. Still have some other issues.
  2. Hi. Do you want to fix these? Site URL – https://agripabadza.com/ 1. (Desktop – Work) Reduce space? https://agripabadza.com/flash-provoke-eat-my-dust-1 2. (Mobile/Tablet – Homepage) Scroll bar at the bottom of page. https://agripabadza.com/ 3. (Mobile – Header) The header is transparent, so when scrolling down, it overlaps the text below. https://agripabadza.com/store 4. (Mobile – Menu) Change color of text About? https://agripabadza.com/ 5. (Tablet – Store) Logo overlaps text. https://agripabadza.com/store
  3. Hi. Do you want to fix this? Site URL – https://www.theilluminary.co/ 1. (Desktop – About) Text not aligned with each other. https://www.theilluminary.co/about 2. (Mobile – Booking) On desktop, when clicking More time will display the calendar. On Mobile, it doesn’t work. https://www.theilluminary.co/booking 3. (Tablet – Homepage) The dot is cut off to the next line. https://www.theilluminary.co/ 4. (Desktop – Footer) Footer is skewed to the left. https://www.theilluminary.co/ 5. (Tablet – About) The width of the text is a bit small. Text is cut to the next line. https://www.theilluminary.co/about
  4. Do you want to solve these? Site URL – https://www.digitaljune.co/ 1. (Mobile – Homepage) On desktop, Now booking august is above header, on mobile, Now booking august is below header https://www.digitaljune.co/home 2. (Mobile – Homepage) On desktop, text is on 2 lines, on mobile, text has 4 lines. https://www.digitaljune.co/home
  5. Also, do you want to fix these? Site URL: https://drum-rhubarb-mhc7.squarespace.com/ 1. (Tablet – Homepage) Texts are cut off 2.(Mobile – Homepage) The same here 3. (Tablet – Homepage) Want to reduce white space above/below image? 4. (Mobile – Footer) Make 4 links/4 rows 5. (Mobile – Shop > Products > Quick view) Increase content width? https://drum-rhubarb-mhc7.squarespace.com/full-collection/bedroom 6. (Mobile – Products) Add breadcrumb on top of products? https://drum-rhubarb-mhc7.squarespace.com/full-collection/p/industrial-timber-top-shelves 7. (bespoke process) You haven’t changed SEO Title so the browser tab name still shows “General 2” https://drum-rhubarb-mhc7.squarespace.com/bespoke-process
  6. Hi. Do you need to help with these? Site URL – https://www.hawkcustomhomes.com/ 2. (Mobile – Footer) Some logos are left aligned, one in the center, looks uneven. https://www.hawkcustomhomes.com/ 3. (Mobile – Footer) Contact us hides the text behind. https://www.hawkcustomhomes.com/ 4. (Tablet – Footer) Logo is overlapped, text is cut to the next line. https://www.hawkcustomhomes.com/ 5. (Tablet – Homepage) Reduce space between button Learn more and text of Services. https://www.hawkcustomhomes.com/ 6. (Tablet – Team) 4 text columns look a bit small, do you want to change to 2 text columns. https://www.hawkcustomhomes.com/team 7. (Tablet – Contact) Increase text width? https://www.hawkcustomhomes.com/services-contact
  7. Hi. Do you want to fix these? Site URL: http://kimpercival.com/ 1. (Tablet-Homepage) Button disappear 2. (Tablet-Homepage) Increase text width a bit? 3. (Tablet-Homepage) Make these text same line, same as on desktop? 4. (Tablet-Homepage) Make instagram text link one line? 5. (Mobile-Footer) Move logo to top of footer? 6. (Mobile-Homepage) Add a space on left/right of testimonial item 3? 7. (Mobile-Homepage) Make these text one line, same as desktop? 8. (Mobile-Homepage) Button disappear 9. (Tablet-Testimonials) Increase text width? 10. (Tablet-Testimonials) Similar 11. (Mobile-Testimonials) Change image to above title? 12. (Mobile-Blog page) Text cut off
  8. Do you want to fix these? Site URL: https://lyonbarberstudio.squarespace.com/ 1. (All devices – Homepage) When i click on “More about us”, it says that “We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.” 2. (Tablet – Homepage/Services) (When click on “see full pricing”) Price doesn’t lie on the same row that make line are not equal 3. (Mobile – Homepage/Services) (When click on “see full pricing”) Want to add a line between buzz cut and beard trim? 4. (Tablet -Footer) Reduce space below logo
  9. Add to Desisgn > Custom CSS /* Tablet-stacked buttons */ @media screen and (max-width:991px) and (min-width:768px) { /* try it or join us */ div#page-section-60b30d395ee915299341240c .span-6 { width: 100%; } /* member pilots */ div#page-section-60adaa7e9072a05f3e00a7fc .span-6 { width: 100%; } div#page-section-60adaa7e9072a05f3e00a7fc .span-12 .span-4 {width: 100%;} /* about wwgc */ div#page-section-60ad886eadcc1749f544b298 .span-6 { width: 100%; } } video https://www.loom.com/share/d7a1c376a66a4bc8b0da8fe077b52163
  10. Hi. Do you still need help? If yes, can you share link to your site?
  11. Hi. Do you still need help on this?
  12. Hi. Do you still need help on this?
  13. Hi. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* Mobile products */ @media only screen and (max-width:700px) { div#productList { display: grid; grid-template-columns: repeat(2,1fr); grid-column-gap: 10px; } }
  14. Hi. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* add to cart hover color */ .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper:hover .sqs-add-to-cart-button-inner { color: white !important; }
  15. Hi. It looks like you solved with this CSS? .sqs-money-native,.product-price { display: none }
  16. Follow this. If you need any help, just reply here. https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/153877-need-help-adding-individual-social-links/?do=findComment&comment=349662
  17. You can setup access password & share url
  18. Hi. Need site url to check. We can't help with screenshot only.
  19. Hi. You mean Summary Carousel on Homepage?
  20. Hi. Can you share link to youtube link in screenshot?
  21. Hi. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* mobile 3 images same row */ @media screen and (max-width:640px) { div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1625794547658_86862 .slide { width: 33.3333% !important; } }
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