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  1. @guardianrealestate254 /config/pages is admin url Your site is private. Setup password & share url.
  2. @TaylorAmbrosioWood You need to use CSS to remove fixed on mobile. Can you share link to your site?
  3. Can you share link to your site? you used with=100%, height=100% You need to increase the size of the parent element
  4. @jessicamstudio1 add !important to after, eg h1 { font-family: 'cocon' !important; } If it doesn't work, please share link to your site to check.
  5. @melissahookey Use this CSS .project-title { font-family: fontname !important; }
  6. @ineedanswers You should share link to your site
  7. @LivAils Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS /* Hover */ nav.main-nav a:hover { border-bottom: 1px solid currentColor !important; } /* Active */ nav.main-nav .active-link a { border-bottom: 1px solid currentColor; } You can also use text-decoration: underline; but i like border-bottom
  8. @verobranding You used position: fixed; for header, so we will overlap. Solution 1. Set top: 38px; for header (38px is announcement bar height). However, when you click "X" the announcement, it will leave a 38px space above. The next solution is to disable "X" with CSS span.sqs-announcement-bar-close { display: none; } Solution 2. Remove position: fixed; at header, and use position: sticky You code should be #header { background-color: #3b4f40 !important; position: -webkit-sticky !important; position: sticky !important; }
  9. @marmar Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS .sqs-block-content a { font-weight: bold; border-bottom-width: 3px !important; }
  10. @marmar Can you share link to your site, and which text block do you want to change link color?
  11. hey @lucia.fritsche your code should be .sqs-block-markdown { background: #101010; } .markdown-block { background: #101010; }
  12. Can you take screenshot of Design > Custom CSS? @lucia.fritsche I inspected element, and found this...seems invalid code .sqs-block-markdown { background: #101010 10 } .markdown-block { background: #101010 10 }
  13. @Ilona So you can wait for someone to help... or send me url via private message.
  14. if you can't find option to do that, you can use custom code. Can you share link to your site?
  15. You can use custom code to do that. Can you share link to your site?
  16. Can you share the code? (Click <> icon to paste code)
  17. Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS section#container { margin-left: 20px !important; margin-right: 20px !important; }
  18. You need to change CSS in airtable.com If they don't provide that, you can't css in Squarespace... https://community.airtable.com/t/embedded-form-css-styling/4825
  19. @BobCarver .desc-wrapper { margin: 0px; text-align: left !important; width: 50% !important; padding-top: 64px; padding-bottom: 0; }
  20. @Ghady Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS h1.BlogItem-title { font-weight: bold; font-size: 100px; }
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