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  1. Do you want to fix these?

    Site URL: https://thefavoriteco.com/

    1. (Mobile-Homepage) Reduce space here?


    2. (Mobile-Homepage) Align left these text?


    3. (Mobile-Footer) Move Hubspot on top of text?


    4. (Mobile-Header) Show logo on overlay menu?


    5. (Tablet-Our work) Remove 1 line?


    6. (Tablet-Hubspot) Increase hubspot size?


    7. (Tablet-About) Change to 2 columns/row?


    8. (Mobile-The Team)


  2. 11 hours ago, markmark1 said:

    @tuanphan I'm trying to do this as well. Tried the codes above, replacing with my section/row IDs, and I couldn't get it to work.

    Page link here - https://privnote.com/jnR5Ezi5#tUQkwicig

    Thanks for your help 🙏


    *edit - to clarify it's in the "What You'll Get..." section w the black background. I want to vertically center the text and images in both those rows

    Can you check site url?


  3. 13 hours ago, seab said:

    Could this also be done for the following pages: 

    I tried changing the id being used for the page section for each page, but its not showing like the homepage. 

    Add to Design > Custom CSS

    /* residential */
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) {
    div#page-section-608cbc6808c90d5421418ee5>.row:nth-child(2) {
        display: flex;
        flex-direction: column-reverse;
    div#page-section-608cbd553740bc152079af4a>.row {
        display: flex;
        flex-direction: column-reverse;
    div#page-section-608cbd6d4505cd3b6cd21699>.row {
        display: flex;
        flex-direction: column-reverse;
    div#page-section-608cef9714ac6972f466c010>.row:nth-child(2) {
        display: flex;
        flex-direction: column-reverse;

    Here how I checked the code. https://www.loom.com/share/33e896442bed49dd897c9bd2c5a61beb

  4. 11 hours ago, Melissa_B said:

    Site URL: https://www.brownellrealestate.com/tour-1723418

    I need to remove headers and footers off specific pages of my site. A page like this for example: https://www.brownellrealestate.com/tour-1723418

    The code I used to use doesn't work since I've changed templates to Five. Any help would be appreciated. 



    Add to Design > Custom CSS

    /* tour 1723418 */
    body#collection-601c62196c08b365fc8f0aaf {
    div#page-header {
        display: none;
    div#page-footer-wrapper {
        display: none !important;


  5. 13 hours ago, Obedmoretti said:

    I just got a look at your store and found it amazing, how did you manage have the two navigation bars in diferent languages? Thats something i've been trying so hard to achieve and haven't been able.

    She used Main Navigation - Secondary Navigation to achieve this. If you share link to your site, we can check to see if can same approach  on your site

  6. 17 hours ago, arielleneal said:

    @tuanphan Could I get your help with the same issue the original poster had? I have 3 image poster blocks and want to increase the title & subtitle text for Mobile View. I tried the code below for the first block and it updates when I do mobile preview on my desktop, but not on the actual mobile view. I appreciate any input!

    URL: https://www.getintherapy.com
    pw: test

    I want to target the 3 poster blocks: "Effective": #block-4a7490a097e4efff55ad , "Transformative": #block-2d460c2b6a3c0861d06b, and "Efficient": #block-795829f2e712ec5528aa

    CODE for 1st poster block (not working for subtitle text):

    @media screen and (max-width:640px) {
    div#block-4a7490a097e4efff55ad .image-title-wrapper * {
        font-size: 30px !important;
    div#block-4a7490a097e4efff55ad .image-title-wrapper .image-subtitle-wrapper * {
        font-size: 25px !important;

    Add to Design > Custom CSS

    /* Image posters */
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) {
    div#page-section-6094459da03ccb2f4a4eb397 .image-title * {
        font-size: 70px !important;
    div#page-section-6094459da03ccb2f4a4eb397 .image-subtitle * {
        font-size: 40px !important;


  7. 16 hours ago, Zeeba said:

    Site URL: https://lindsayreid.photo/

    Hello, I'd like to remove the vertical scrolling on my home page. It loads the image initially underneath the header bar and then forces the viewer to vertically scroll down the height of the header to view the bottom part of the image. Any idea on how I could do this or set the image to be fixed within the window with the header bar overtop of the top part of the image?

    Add to Design > Custom CSS

    /* home image overflow */
    body.homepage article section {
        padding-top: 0 !important;
    body.homepage, html {overflow-x:hidden;}


  8. 19 hours ago, Juelz said:

    1) Both if possible, I'd like to use the same color theme as the rest of my website but fpr some reason it doesn't apply on the mobile menu page.


    2) Can the drop down arrows point downward instead of right?
    Attaching an example:


    Add to Design > Custom CSS

    .header-menu-bg.theme-bg--primary {
        background: black;
    .header-menu-nav * {
        color: red !important;
    span.chevron.chevron--right {
        transform: rotate(135deg);


  9. 21 hours ago, roottherapymaine said:

    Thanks for this question - this is exactly the function I'm looking for on my own site (though I'd like to be able to hide sections not on the homepage, but within a password-protected page for members).  However, pasting the code above  (using ID Finder) to hide a section (but keep it visible while editing) doesn't seem to work.

    I wonder if I'm correctly inserting code. Just to be clear, this should be embedded within the section I want to hide?

    Many thanks.

    Can you share link to homepage?

  10. 22 hours ago, lmnicoll99 said:

    @tuanphan I am having the same issue where the face of the person in the photo is cut out on mobile because of the cropping of the banner image. In Bedford Template. None of the codes have worked for me thus far. The site is https://www.hardenforcongress.com/

    Hi. Which image? I don't see person in top home banner

    22 hours ago, SashK said:

    Hi @tuanphan I have done it

    Url: www.moganddogtravels.com

    Password: test12345

    Thanks so much for your help 🙂

    Add to Design > Custom CSS > Then save & reload your site

    /* resize mobile home top banner */
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) {
    body.homepage .Parallax-item:first-child img {
        width: 100% !important;
        height: auto !important;
        left: 0 !important;


  11. 23 hours ago, kristobans said:

    Site URL: https://www.moderndifferent.com/

    How do I change color to title and subtitle separately? Both are active links. I can’t do it in the editor. 

    How can I add underline to active links on hover and change color (for all site, including image blocks)? Is there a way to adjust how close the underline is to the text? 


    Add to Design > Custom CSS

    /* title subtitle */
    div#page-607e58d7db63ee562a23b8e5 .image-title * {
        color: red;
    div#page-607e58d7db63ee562a23b8e5 .image-subtitle * {
        color: green;
    /* Underline on hover */
    div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1619098273083_327235 a:hover {
        text-decoration: underline;


  12. On 5/6/2021 at 6:50 PM, Ibb said:

    Thanks for the respons @tuanphan! 

    Search page URL: https://www.arvesund.com/sok

    The blog page I wish to show up instead of ”Your search did not match any documents'': 

    Thanks in advance!

    Add to Design > Custom CSS

    .sqs-search-page-notice {
        visibility: hidden;
    .sqs-search-page-notice:before {
        visibility: visible;
        content: "new text";


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