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  1. Hi there

    I'm stuck big time and cant find out why - hoping you can help me 😃
    I'm working on this page https://stay-home.squarespace.com (pw:stayhome) but for some weird reason I cannot edit the page, i just can add sections and then it wont let me edit it. 
    this is my first page on the new version 7.1

    your help is much appreciated!


    1. tuanphan


      Delete all the code you added to Code Injection, Page Header, Page Content and try again.
      If it still doesn't work, log out the account, open the SS in another browser and try again.
      If it still does not work, contact Squarespace Customer Care.
      if your internet is slow, sometimes it also causes the above problem.

    2. Lucia_


      wow thank you for your super fast reply 

      I deleted all extra code, logged out but I still cant edit the page - only the first two paragraphs. seems very odd. 

      I have been thinking that it could be wifi but why would I be able to edit the first two. 
      Can You edit the first page or does it not show either?

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