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  1. Hello tuanphan,
    I hope you can help me with this opportunity.  I have been thinking about a solution and I keep hitting a roadblock.
    I have a client that wants to have unique landing pages created for the different type of businesses that he represents. The landing pages will just contain small amount of text and a strong CTA such as, sign up for our newsletter, schedule a tour, watch a demo, have an agent call, download a case study- are some examples.
    However, he wants these landing pages to be under the same URL. For example, he's representing a healthcare company, telecom and a school...the landing pages will be structured as follow: 
    Each landing page will be independent from each other. Therefore, the "website" will have no top nav, the pages will be hidden (only accessed when the unique url is shared) for the sole purpose of lead/demand generation.
    Can I do that with SquareSpace? There are other platforms that offer a solution for this project but I'm not too familiar with them such as InstaPage and Unbounced. I would like to use SquareSpace but need to know if I can do what the client is requesting. Note the only way that a prospective client will find the landing page is if my clients gives it out either in conversation, as a link to a digital ad, as part of a social media post, in an email, etc.  These landing pages are not intended to be promoted publicly. They sole intention is to capture a perspective customer's information.
    Have you come across something like this before?  Any feedback will be super super helpful.  Thank you!!!
    1. tuanphan


      Possible. yourdomain.com/web1, yourdomain.com/web2, yourdomain.com/web3.

       However with domain, not sure you can use subdomain a1.yourdomain.com, a2.yourdomain.com, a3.yourdomain.com..



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