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  1. You've always been so helpful Tuanphan.  I recently added code injections to allow different logos to be displayed in every page of a site.  In doing so, I've done something that made the homepage (main) logo default after the viewer clicks on a button to each page.  If I refresh the browser, the new, single-page logo will appear, but won't be there (instead, the homepage logo appears) when I click onto the page from the button. Any advise? 

    1. jenartsquare


      It must have something to do with the button.  Because I just tested it again, and if I hit my 'back to homepage' button, it takes the viewer back and the logo I wanted on the other page is now the logo header on my homepage.  Ugh. 

    2. tuanphan



      You can post on forum & tag me, or send to my email http://beaverhero.com/covid19

      I will check carefully.

    3. jenartsquare


      Thank you.  I just posted on the forum and tagged you.  I appreciate you. 

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