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  1. Site URL: https://www.sakustudio.com/logos Hey all! I am looking to make this 3-up column that is currently on the desktop view visible in mobile as well. Right now, the mobile view is switching to a 2-up view and I don't love how the gallery is laying out. Does anyone have some quick css code for this?
  2. @tuanphan The buttons are already style how I would like them. I am trying to figure out how to style the checkbox. I attached screenshots for your reference.
  3. Site URL: https://www.virginsuncare.com/shop-1 Hello! I am looking to style a checkmark on a site that is not contained within the form. It is a checkmark added by a code block. Any ideas on how to make this checkmark look more like the screenshot attached?
  4. Site URL: https://www.virginsuncare.com/shop Hello! I am looking to create an auto-replenish check box that opens into 3 different buttons (variants for the product). Here is an example of what I am trying to accomplish https://www.furtunaskin.com/collections/cuore/products/due-alberi-biphase-moisturizing-oil?variant=32361045852195 Let me know if you have any coding tricks to make this happen! I appreciate it! Thanks 🙂
  5. Site URL: https://buffalo-carrot-5s84.squarespace.com/design-work I am trying to hide the last 2 projects in my portfolio grid that I still want to appear when using the pagination at the bottom of each portfolio item. I currently have them as linked images much larger in a section above the grid, highlighting these two projects. I have tried to hide the grid item with css but I am unable to select the individual items. This is what I have so far but it is hiding the whole portfolio. Site: https://buffalo-carrot-5s84.squarespace.com/design-work Password: saku #gridThumbs { .grid-item {display:none} }
  6. @tuanphan Yes, the black border appears to have some padding on the bottom of the image only on iphone X and iphone 11 (as shown in screenshot). It looks fine on other mobile devices.
  7. Site URL: https://www.virginsuncare.com/home-page The banner image on my home page site looks good on all mobile devices except for the iphone X and 11 pro. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this? Thanks in advance.
  8. @HRawson Thank you so much! I actually ended up putting in an animated .gif and a separate audio file, then hid the audio file. I put this code in my .css to make it happen. // hide audio player on mobile // @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { player { display: none !important; }} // hide audio player on desktop // .audio-block.sqs-block-audio { display: none; }
  9. Site URL: https://virginsuncare.com/ingredients I created this custom image block grid in Squarespace 7.1 to provide an interactive and detailed view of the ingredients while being able to see them as one working unit. I am having trouble aligning the bottom base line of these images. Is there anyway to center this grid or create a fixed bottom height for the block as a whole? The blocks are currently sizing different and the bottom line changes at every screen size increment. I have been trying to figure this one out for weeks so any help or creative ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. @tuanphan any luck on troubleshooting the bottom alignment? I've been poking around on the web and playing with the dimensions of the images themselves but not having much luck. Thanks in advance
  11. @brandyglows I am not sure how to do this but I did find a link that may be helpful. Unfortunately it is not a free resource but hopefully it points you in the right direction. https://www.squarestylist.com/shop/mega-menu
  12. @tuanphan I attached some screenshots for reference. I want the bottom edge of all of these boxes to be on one line. It is the closest in the third screen capture. When sizing the browser up or down, the 2nd and 4th columns start to extend way past the bottom line. Let me know if this makes sense. link: virginsuncare.com/ingredients
  13. @tuanphan it worked! Thank you so much! One last question on this page. I have been trying to get these images to line up on the bottom border for hours. They seem to be scaling at strange sizes. They are all separate image blocks and I am trying align the bottom in the same way the top is aligned. https://www.virginsuncare.com/ingredients Can you help me out with this?
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