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  1. Site URL: https://www.lukenbeck.com/home I'm setting up a new site in 7.1 and I can't get rid of the padding under the header - which at the moment is showing as a dark grey line between the header and the first page section. I'm sure it's something really simple but I can't find it - help would be much appreciated! The problem only happens on 2 pages where I've used custom css: https://www.lukenbeck.com/home where I've added a slider section under the header https://www.lukenbeck.com/welcome where I've used css to hide the header Thanks.
  2. I'll have to send you my login details as I can't add another contributor (my plan has max 2 people). I will email you.
  3. I can't find those lines in my custom css (they are for a pricing block on another page). I don't have developer mode. Maybe I should give up and use buttons instead!
  4. That's odd, it's not displaying at all for me. The code is in the custom css box. I'll try a refresh
  5. Site URL: https://www.catherine-smith.co.uk Hi, I'm trying to change the colour on links on the home page only. There are 3 links underneath the pictures half way down the index page that are in pink at the moment so they're not showing against the background. I'm trying to make them white using the following code but I'm clearly missing something! Can anyone help? Thanks. #collection-5f75c5610cb6f82db92fc23c p a {color: white !important;}
  6. Site URL: https://www.catherine-smith.co.uk/new-home Hi, I'm just trying to change the background and h1 colours for one page of my site https://www.catherine-smith.co.uk/new-home I'd like this index page (which will be the home page when I'm finished) to have a pink background - for all sections - and white h1 text. I have been going round in circles trying different code snippets but I'm clearly doing something wrong. Help!
  7. there doesn't seem to be an h4 tag currently, I would like to add one if possible
  8. Site URL: https://cotton-mills.co.uk I am trying to add an extra font style to my site (using Brine template 7.0) I have already used the body text and h1, h2, h3 tags around the site but want an extra style to use on the text that overlays the image on the welcome section on the home page. I tried some custom css to create an h4 tag but I think I probably need to use a block id or something to identify which text I want it to apply to. Here's my site https://cotton-mills.co.uk Any help much appreciated!
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