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  1. Hi Guys Bit stuck here, I have tried a number of times to edit the CSS so the header does not reappear when scrolling up a project page. Causing an overlapping issue, I am trying to make the header fixed so it only appears at the top of the page and doesnt reappear when scrolling up. It seems that everytime I add code to fix this the homepage has lots of spacing issues (everything drops down a 300px or so... Any help would be much apprecaited! URL: https://www.rebeccasills.com/ Password 1234 Many thanks Richie
  2. Yes sorry, the banner at the bottom, the gif that appears on all the project pages as you scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Would still like to keep the images/gifs on the homepage just the project pages I need them removed. I have tried various css snippets but nothing is working
  4. Sure! https://www.rebeccasills.com/ password 1234 Thanks
  5. Hi guys Any luck removing the images? I managed to remove the text but the image still appears, thanks!
  6. Hi guys Does anyone here know how to make all the captions under all images in a gallery reel stay visable (7.1)? At the moment the caption is only visable when its the image in the middle of the reel, but would like all the captions to be visable... Thanks for your help Richie
  7. Hello Everyone Just wanted to see what everyone else thinks of 7.1 I have created quite a few 7.1 sites for clients over the last few months (been a SS Specialist for a few years). I have come to the conclusion the 7.1 is only good for very simple projects. The amount of roadblocks I come across just trying to do very simple tasks is making it impossible to use and I keep coming across bugs and glitches... There are some good features with 7.1 and at first, I was quite enjoying using it, found it quick and easy to build a nice looking layout....BUT after a while, I r
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