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  1. Site URL: https://bear-apple-l68y.squarespace.com/ Hi! I have a centered primary navigation that keeps turning into two lines/rows when I resize the browser, even when the browser window is large and there seems to be enough space to keep it on one line/row. I have a script that changes the navigation depending on if you are on the website for ”Företag” (Company) or ”Privatperson” (Private Person). Could the script be whats messing up the navigation? Is there something I can do about it with CSS? Any help on how to solve this would be very much appreciated! 🙂 Website: https://bea
  2. @paul2009 Thank you ! 🙂 Yeah, I really hope Squarespace is working on better solutions for language support in the future. I'm using MemberSpace with my website and they have a great feature that lets you translate most of the words used. I would love to see something like that! Also more options for how to show time, date, forms etc. Not all countries start the calendar on Mondays, write MMDDYY, use AM/PM or have states. 🙂
  3. If the website is in a language that Squarespace has no translation for (Swedish), how can the language be changed then? Help appreciated! 🙂
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