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  1. Site URL: https://www.jiamiami.com

    Hi everyone!

    I added the resy widget to my client's site and have reached out to the Resy team in regards to customizing the styles of the button but haven't gotten any response.

    Does anyone know how I could change the color and font of the button?


    For reference this is the code I have for the widget:

    <a href="https://resy.com/cities/mia/jia" id="resyButton-k9oN4LwsSZwCvKJirabj1">Book your Jia reservation on Resy</a>
    <script src="https://widgets.resy.com/embed.js"></script>
        resyWidget.addButton(document.getElementById('resyButton-k9oN4LwsSZwCvKJirabj1'), {"venueId":52961,"apiKey":"WOdD5psYN76Bvv8gYNQnCTysxDKtlPXA","replace":true,});


    Someone please help!

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