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  1. Solve for keeping a submenu expanded only when on a page within that submenu: Expanding all submenus: collection-5d657c923cca420001ae38f .Header-nav-folder {left:0px;opacity:1;transform:none;} Expanding submenus in the Primary Nav only: collection-5d657c923cca420001ae38f .Header-nav--primary .Header-nav-folder {left:0px;opacity:1;transform:none;} Expanding submenus in the Secondary Nav only: collection-5d657c923cca420001ae38f .Header-nav--secondary .Header-nav-folder {left:0px;opacity:1;transform:none;} Each page has a unique collection id number. On the pages that you want the contents of the navigation submenu/dropdown to be expanded, just search that page's code for its collection number, it should look like "
  2. Solve for keeping the submenu/dropdown navigation open generally: .Header-nav-folder {left:0px;opacity:1;transform:none;}
  3. Hey Paul, here's the site with some visual explanation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bmcdw3vd9kaeskb/chicago%20%E2%80%94%20Ed%20Wonsek%20Artworks%20inc%20-%20Google%20Chrome%202019-08-28%2020-09-43.mp4?dl=0
  4. Hey there, on my site I have a folder in the primary navigation that I would like to keep expanded when a user is currently viewing a page listed in that folder. I would like it to behave normally when a user is not currently viewing a page in that folder, aka be collapsed until a user hovers over it. I've tried a lot of fixes and cannot seem to find anything that works. Any leads here would help a lot. I'm using Hatch, part of the Brine family of templates.
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