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  1. So for instance - have you had a logo designed by a professional. Not someone who hasn’t had any professional experience but someone who understands the values and trust factor of a great logo that builds trust so that the consumer wants to buy from you. Logo design is a long process and it involves using proper typography, kerning, icons and simplicity that then can be used as the basic brand guidelines to use for the rest of your website and offline brand. Business cards, leaflets etc. Experience means everything when it comes to this - not a general qualification. I learnt all my stuff by working with the best people in the industry.
  2. Site URL: http://luntdesign.co.uk Hi all, I have 30 years design experience and a lot of them have been at the best advertising agencies in London. I wanted to reach out to see if you have any questions on best practices for logos, colours, layouts and general functionality so that your website earns you money. Please ask me anything and will do my best to help you. I have designed for some of the biggest brands in the world. Si
  3. Award Winning Designer [ not a budding designer ] who works with one of the first developers of the platform. Get in touch and do not use marketplace and keep the best guys and girls creating amazing stuff for you. Luntdesign.co.uk

  4. You'll also find that the best designers and developers have not signed up for 99 Designs.
  5. Just one point from a designers/typography point of view. Justified text is plain awful unless you do it in print when you have full control over each line and it's word spacing. And also being able to overhang punctuation. Because you get uneven spaces where lines of copy are forced to fit the width. Basically it makes it uncomfortable to read. Similar to white type on black backgrounds. My advice from a long career in design and a few typography awards is don't justify your text.
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