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  1. The footer code block fix worked like a charm. Thanks, @tuanphan! Appreciate it.
  2. @tuanphan — having the same issue. Site is jessepacker.com — the two icons should be visible as shown here (in edit mode) but when out of edit mode, don't show up. To be clear this is using CSS, not JS which ought to work, based on what I've read here and elsewhere.
  3. So the fish video still does not play for me on mobile (Safari or Chrome iOS browsers. Plays fine in OSX Chrome on a desktop. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Likely this will filed automatically under "unanswered" but here goes… A well documented flaw in Squarespace (still) is how video banners don't play on mobile. Squarespace has a fairly misleading answer to this on their Support site: The reality is that banner videos won't, under any circumstances, play on a mobile device (that I've seen) This a huge drawback to the platform that at least two other CMS (Content Management Systems) have seemingly solved — Cargo and WordPress. Examples of these two working on mobile are here: https://www.ricardolandim.com/ (WordPress) https://creator-destroyer.com/ (Cargo) Obviously Squarespace provides a host of other wonderful features but as video becomes (I would say is) the common visual language it seems like something they should be able to devote some time and energy to fixing. Fallback images are a poor substitute, especially if say, you are a video production company. GIFs as Fallback images while clever are large files and won't play nearly as smoothly. Finally, what's really infuriating is they've gone to the trouble of solving this for their own marketing on their their 5to9 campaign site, the irony being they're selling the service with a feature you can't actually use on it. C'mon guys. Rant over.
  5. It's a flaw in Squarespace that they haven't solved. CMS's like WordPress and Cargo all have automatic playback of video banners but SS seems to not have put the time or energy in which is a shame, given video is where things are heading. Examples of the above CMS' working are here: https://www.ricardolandim.com/ (WordPress) https://creator-destroyer.com/ (Cargo)
  6. When you say Were you actually able to get the video to play at all in mobile? Visited your site (nice work, by the way) but it's not loading on a mobile device (iPhone, Chrome browser, latest everything). This is a persistent and seemingly unsolved problem with Squarespace that they need to solve to compete with most other services that enable autoplay video backgrounds on mobile.
  7. Yes. It's a bit arbitrary why portfolio's in 7.1 can't be password protected yet pages can. A entirely plausible usage-case is you have a body of work, not just a single project, that requires it be hidden. This ought to be addressed.
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