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    myrto reacted to tuanphan in Changing all built-in text Marta template   
    To change "Todos" text, add this code to Home > Settings > Advanced > Code Injection > Footer
    <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> jQuery(function($){ $(".ProductList-filter-list-item-link").html(function() { return $(this).html().replace("Todos", "tuan phan"); }); }); </script>  
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    myrto got a reaction from rw180800 in How do I delete .pdf files when they are not visible in the file drop down menu?   
    Thanks @paul2009
    Which category in the Customer Service drop down menus did you report it in? So it is filed as the same issue and bumped up in the queue?
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    myrto reacted to paul2009 in How do I delete .pdf files when they are not visible in the file drop down menu?   
    You can normally see ALL files but because of a bug you can only see the first 20 files in the list. I encountered this issue today (seven weeks it was mentioned above!) and reported it to Customer Care today.
    They weren't already aware of it, which shows how important it is for you to report issues to Customer Care rather than on the public forum. This forum is not monitored for issues or requests. It is essential that you log a ticket with Customer Care directly.
    Engineers are now aware of the issue and hope to have a fix in place soon.
    Note that the priority given can often depend on the number of users impacted. If you are affected by this, please reach out to Customer Care.
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