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  1. Hello When I share a blog post on Facebook instead of showing the blog title on the summary, I get the generic: mydomainname - Blog (see attached photo named Current Status). How can I change the settings so when sharing, the visible text is the actual blog title (see attached photo named Desired Status)? I have tried changing the settings to %t but nothing happens. URL: www.onebreath.eu Thank you!
  2. Thanks @paul2009 Which category in the Customer Service drop down menus did you report it in? So it is filed as the same issue and bumped up in the queue?
  3. Hi @christyprice , thanks for the reply. I was not referring to the CSS files, but rather other files that I've uploaded as links. When you add a link you can either link to an existing page, another webpage or a file. And then you upload the file from your computer. This is what I'm trying to see - all the files that were ever uploaded on my site, in one central location. At the moment I can't find all of them and cannot delete the old ones. They still show up on Google. ThanksMyrto
  4. Hello How do I delete uploaded .pdf files from Squarespace when they are not visible in the file drop down menu (AVENUE template) but still discoverable through Google search? I was surprised to find out that some pdf files that I had uploaded a year ago as links to certain pages but not used any more, where still available to download if I searched my site on Google! When I go to file manager I can't see them on the drop down menu. Also, I realize different linked areas of the site display different uploaded files. Is there a central file management place where I can delete everything that is not in use? URL: www.onebreath.eu, Template: Avenue Thank youMyrto
  5. Hello, Although I've correctly connected my Facebook business page to Squarespace, when I try to set up social sharing for the blog (to Facebook) it says I have no connected accounts. Any ideas? URL: www.onebreath.eu Thank you!Myrto
  6. @mdhanjal I tried injecting in Header as per instructions, but noting happens. What do you mean by "hide newsletter menu"?
  7. @mdhanjal thanks! I am a bit out of my league though here: how do I paste on code injection in header? I am not sure...I only know how to add CSS :-)Sorry I'm taking so much of your time :-)
  8. This is great @mdhanjal, but it seems to be targeting the last items on the dropdown menus as well, not just the far right, last item on the top level navigation menu. For example, it targets Resources, which is the last item under the Mindfulness navigation item. Any ideas how to isolate just the top level navigation items?
  9. Hello @mdhanjal, thanks so much for your reply! I tried all 3 options but nothing seems to work :-(Any ideas why?
  10. Hello Any ideas on how to add a call to action on the navigation (subscribe to newsletter)? I currently just pasted a unicode character in the page description, but I would prefer a button. I tried all the other ideas for other templates provided in this forum but nothing seems to work. The URL is www.onebreath.eu Thank you!!!
  11. Thank you so much @tuanphan !!! For the alignment I added padding on the top and after a few tweaks I got it right.
  12. I actually found it in another thread and it worked very well for me: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/223995/mobile-version-menu-to-show-instead-of-the-navigat.html /* HAMBURGER NAVIGATION */ #mobileMenuLink a:after { content: '☰'; color: black; width: 100%; text-align: right; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; }
  13. Hello, I'm trying to increase the size of the text within the CARD IMAGE layout in Avenue template for mobile. Currently, the description text after the header within the image card is a larger font. I would like to make it smaller - in relation to the header (as it is when viewed on desktop). The URL: https://www.onebreath.eu/mbsr So in the example URL, I would like the greek text to be a smaller size than the text "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" when viewed on mobile. Thank you!!!
  14. Hello, Is there a way to change the mobile navigation to Hamburger (vs drop down list) in Avenue template? I have a lot of subfolders and it looks quite busy now. URL: www.onebreath.eu Thank you!!!
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