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  1. sorry, I should've been more clear. this is the 'welcome' slideshow gallery block I was referring to: simply: I'm looking to play with the COLOR of the transition fade (either no color or a darker color). right now, the transition fade is a light color, which lights the entire block up and doesn't look great. I like the gradual effect of the transition, I just don't like the transition fade color. ideally, with no fade color, the images would transition from one to the next with the same gradual effect, but without lighting up the entire block. I think this would look the cleanest. another option is to change the fade from the light color it is now to a darker one. thanks again.
  2. 👋 hello @tuanphan not the original author, but I'd love to figure this out too: link here. first gallery slideshow block (black, 'welcome,' give it 6 seconds) looking for the options to: change the transition color from light to black simply getting rid of it altogether Any help is much appreciated.
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