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  1. Wondering if there is a way to get two lines so there is a title and then a description on the second line? I've used this in 7.0 and did try to change the class to .gallery-item-description to try and make it work but no luck. I see that @douglasmcg is also looking. Below does not work but may be close? <script> window.Squarespace.onInitialize(Y, () => { var title = document.querySelectorAll('.gallery-item-description'); for (var sf = 0; sf < title.length; ++sf) { var item = title[sf]; item.innerHTML = item.innerText.replace(/@/g, '<p>'); } }); </script>
  2. I am looking for a way to force summary blocks to display 3 thumbnails per row along with their excerpt for mobile screens. Does someone know how to accomplish this? I have the summary block on the page below: https://www.dothingsnyc.com/journal Thanks, Josh
  3. I put the url in the question. For the time being, I have the svg set with their width and height, because I could not center them when I had the width and height at 100%. @alxfyv
  4. I have some SVG graphics. I have them set with a width:100% and height 100% I am able to move them along the x axis using the viewport but not sure what to set it at to make it directly centered. Thanks for your help. The site url: www.lensfirefilms.com
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