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  1. Thank you! This worked. Does this apply to any images like that? For example the 3 I have at the bottom? Thanks again.
  2. https://www.jaysimala.com/. The password is jaysimala. This is the part I am having trouble with. the bottom line of this image is not showing.
  3. How do you get images to show fully and correctly? I have images that have boarders around them, and occasionally a different boarder side will decide to disappear. is there something to do about this?
  4. Which template are you using? Depending on that, you might have the option of an Index instead of a Folder. But a general way to add a folder is:Pages-->the '+'---> Scroll in the pop up to the bottom where it says 'other'.Generally folders contain pages, not pages contain folders, so that might be your problem.
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