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  1. Thank you for the feedback on Montauk. No I don't know how to use Google Merchant Center. I will look it up. Would love to hear more.
  2. I got on this forum because I created 3 websites (Montauk - this one I did about 7 years ago), but other than that I am a novice and have little idea about SEO. I have several specific questions below, but first a word about my biz and current website. The website I want to improve is www.differentcremationurn.com . I am a sculptor and this side business of bronze cremation urns had been working moderately well for me up until Nov 2022. I was using GoogleAds to get traffic. Quite suddenly, a year ago now, biz quit working for me, but I am stumped why. Google continued to generate clicks (for which I was paying), but that November (midterm elections I first blamed) business dropped off like flipping a light switch. I am confused about what might have happened. A Google algorithm? Me not understanding how to use GoogleAds? Something I changed on the website? A sudden change in the public sphere? My SEO? Another detail: I am not using ecommerce. 95% of my public wants customization, so I just ask people to contact me and we start a conversation about what they need. I find it hard to imagine setting up ecommerce that would account for the freedom and complexity of all the custom options that folks want to talk about. My urns are high-end and people seem like they want to talk to a person IRL before buying anyway. My current thought is to improve my SEO which seems to stump me. While I have made a stab or two at optimizing for SEO on this Montauk site, I really don’t know what I am doing. Here are questions I am trying to answer (perhaps they aren’t the right ones, please advise): 1. Is my old Montauk template ok for SEO? Should I try a different template for better or more intuitive options? 2. Any expert thoughts about what the underlying problem is? I’m guessing my SEO could be improved, but maybe the issue is something else entirely. 3. If I decide I need to get SEO help what are my options? Is there low hanging fruit I could fix myself? Is there something I can get help with other than starting from scratch with a bottom up design which I am quite sure I cannot afford? Could I get some paid consultation from an expert who would be willing to talk to me for an hour or two about what needs doing? I get tons of emails from strangers who want my SEO biz, but I tried that once. Bad, expensive experience. Thank you in advance for your thoughts, David
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