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  1. Hi, I'm politely bumping this thread, since I can't seem to figure out a solution and am in need of somebody more knowledgeables help. Even a hint in the right direction would be appreciated.
  2. Removing this code sadly did nothing, besides disabling the "added to cart" pop-up which it was made for. I also tried removing all custom code in the advanced tab and resetting the css that hides my cart when empty but that also did nothing.
  3. I have code blocks on my gallery pages, specificly targeting my header, however this error occured far before I ever had a single code block in use. I usually only use the custom css section for everything I do.
  4. Site URL: https://www.gefahrgutakademie.at Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out why my mobile view has empty white space on it's right side and how to remove it. I changed some padding values for the header in the custom css and the shopping cart gets disabled when empty. somewhere after these changes my mobile view got messed up like it is now. I would greatly appreciate any help or hint how to resolve this. Thanks!
  5. It seems putting your code in a code-block on the page instead of the header has solved the problem. Thanks again!
  6. Well, on a second glance it seems to only work after a manual refresh of the site in question. If I refresh my homepage then navigate to the gallery, the header is still sticky until I refresh the page, it then stays non-sticky for all pages I added the code to, until I do a refresh on a different page. I'm guessing this is because I have Ajax loading enabled. Is there anything one could about this like force full reloads on these pages? Thanks again.
  7. This did exactly what I was looking for and worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!
  8. Site URL: https://www.gefahrgutakademie.at Hi, is it possible to have my header be sticky on all but one or two pages? I'm trying to set up a gallery (https://www.gefahrgutakademie.at/elearning-beentladecheck) but I either have to get my header out of the way or compromise on the size of the gallery which I rather wouldn't do. I'd be grateful for any suggestions or help. Thanks in advance!
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