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  1. Im trying to create another website but the basic pricing costs $12 per month which is $144. But I was paying my first website for $8 per month which is $96 annually. Any idea why is it more expensive than before?
  2. The first one is my main website and the second one is a new and demo website. As you can see, I see totally different opitions on a same template and I'm quite shocked. The portfolio option from the 2nd one is not available on my website which I already paid. Also, the UI from 2nd one is way better than the first one. How could this happen? I have no idea why am I having a website which I've been using it for several years have no options with better UI that the newest one have. Any idea why?
  3. I already have one domain but if I want one more site under my profile, I still need to pay for each right?
  4. Im using Wells template. I have no issues with images but if I make any kind of posts, it always have a huge gap on the right side. There is no way to fix this and I wonder if anyone can solve this problem?
  5. https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/92213/is-there-a-way-to-change-background-color-using-a-button.html That would be a great example but I wonder if I can make a switch to toggle between light and dark mode? I am not a coder and I have no idea how to create a button to switch between light and dark mode.
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