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  1. I'd like to add a search bar at the bottom of my blog page. How would I do that? I assume i need code...
  2. How can I create block/square that is is a light transparent white with text over it and place it over a banner image?

  3. I'd like to create templates to sell but not sure how... Can you create it with a free trial than transfer ownership? Or I've heard of designers recording themselves creating a template and selling the video... Thanks
  4. I have text block with a social links block under it in my blog SideBar . There is a big space between the two due to the padding. How can I reduce that space? Thanks
  5. After someone subscribes they get redirected to a thank you page that has a trip wire (ebook) on it for them to purchase for a special cost in the next 15 minutes. The buy button links to the ebook on my shop page. But how do I have the price change from regular price to the discounted price? Then after the 15 minutes it's the regular price again????
  6. I'd like to add a 15 minute timer for an offer on one of my pages.So when the person gets to the page the timer starts.How can I do this?All I see are timers counting down to a certain day... Thanks!
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