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  1. Im also having problems with this! Is there a way to make this button clickable in my markdown? I want to make the black button clickable. (I've added the red one with the script alternatively if this isn't possible.) I've added the code above but it didnt work. Thank you!
  2. Hi! I found some answers and help on this website: https://pixalitydesign.com/pixality-blog/mindbody-squarespace Heres what she helped me do to centre them: Sure is! If you add this code into your Custom CSS area, it will center all code blocks on your entire site: //center code blocks .sqs-block-code{ text-align: center; } Which will work, except it will center all code blocks across your entire site, which may not be what you want. Here's a little video on how to make that only apply to one page: https://www.useloom.com/share/c4e703e195344a6cafffea8863111d1c ...and if using the apply-to-1-page method, you'll want to use this code in the Custom CSS instead and update the collection ID like I mention in the video //center code block on demo page collection-597576ead2b85704bb590f7d .sqs-block-code{ }
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