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  1. I am still trying to figure out this problem and if anyone has ran across this or has a reason why this might be happening I can figure out how to correct it. I would greatly appreciate any advice.
  2. Site URL: https://bit.ly/2ZFsjdq Hi, Activating the mobile menu shoves the banner image below the announcement bar and leaves white space. This is not visible in the mobile view in my Squarespace dashboard so not sure how to target this. Also, something that might be related but without the menu active--scrolling reveals a black space after the mobile information bar disappears between banner and first section. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Announcement Bar is enabled but it does not appear on desktop. I have had plenty of websites with no problem but it might be from the fixed header CSS I have on this site. On mobile it appears below the header, is this normal? Also, the Mobile Bar is enabled but it disappears when scrolling down the page. Can this be fixed so when you finish scrolling it pops back into view? Any help or links with more info is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks Derricksrandom so the transfer does not transfer my entire account just that particular site I am logged into? Just a bit alarming when the transfer ask for my password when I am already logged in. Would think there would be some kind of clarification in the UI about this or somewhere communicating the intent.
  5. I searched for my specific situation but found nothing definitive. I have several client websites under my account that I manage. Added a trial 10 days ago and the client prefers to have ownership and give me permission to manage content (edits additions etc) before the trial ends. I have already given the owner administrator privileges. When I began the transfer ownership procedure it asked for my account login password. Will this transfer all of my accounts to the new owner or the specific site I am currently logged into? I do not want to affect ownership/permissions for the other websites in my account. Any help clarifying this would be greatly appreciated.
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