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  1. Site URL: http://www.alycefayeoriginals.com/ Hello! I want to link my business name in the footer to my home page. I see that the phone number and email address are automatically linked, so I'm hoping this can work as well. I've identified the div as '.Footer-business-info-item--name' but haven't been able to get much further than that. It would also be great to add styling options in case I want to change hover activity, etc. site pw: tempshop7851
  2. @rwp I'm actually seeing a slight issue on mobile; some categories are back-to-back now Also is there a way to hide the category dropdown menu on mobile?
  3. @rwp That worked brilliantly, thank you so much! @tuanphan my apologies, the ending url "/all" should have been removed. I'm all set now though, thank you.
  4. Hello! I'm looking to do the same thing: site: http://www.alycefayeoriginals.com/all password: tempshop7851 order: All Wire Sculpture Jewelry Other Thanks in advance for the help!
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