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  1. Hey @brigid.camp @brigidc.campbell Glad you figured out. i haven't been on here for a few weeks. Have to say your site looks amazing!
  2. Hey Yes, I did! There was a little button in there with the customisation to play automatically.
  3. Hey @HRawson I did ! There was a little customise button in there. See how it turned out here: www.insideoutrealestatestyling.com. How did you go?
  4. Yeah, have to pay, @ClottHOPE. The client should pay for it though.
  5. Hey @Julian, @danimizrahi92 👋, I'm in the same boat here, how did you guys go with this? Did you go with Lodgify? Thanks, T
  6. Hi @kiamalove - assuming you're in Kiama NSW? I'm in NSW too. I've done 3 accom sites, one is about to come over from Wix also. I know just the template I would use for you. Before I quote, I need to know if you have branding and imagery for the site already? Look forward to hearing from you if you're still looking for help:) Tara
  7. @dmarquez Thanks I bought this and it works. However I want the audio to start playing automatically. Do you know how to customize? @EVPhoto If it's client work, get them to pay for it. Thanks!
  8. Hi @tuanphan this saved my day. Thank you it worked very well. I changed the background colour and line. I have tried so many different codes for this, yours worked. See attached with the accordian closed and open. Thanks.
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