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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from AngelaBailey123 in Video Editing Company   
    Site URL: https://www.blnkslatemedia.com/
    Hey all, I would love to hear what everyone thinks about this semi-custom built site I just finished up for a great young man that has some heavy hitting clients that he has worked with at a very young age, I appreciate his hustle!
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    JustinSeimits reacted to RobPegurri in Upsell or Cross selling   
    I've created myself a cross sell feature on my Squarespace website, check it out. Try add to cart this product: https://www.fioridicipria.com/it/shop-now/prodotti/crema-viso-ialuronico-tripla-azione
    If you like it, I can send the code here so that anybody could implement it
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from Openmind in Feedback on a furniture site   
    @Craftedfurniture A lot of great stuff on your site, looks like you do some amazing work. I noticed some things that I want to point out and if you want me to dive deeper into this I can do so. But to start off with here are a few screen shots and corresponding ideas to fix them. Then the biggest thing I noticed was that on this page https://www.samryanfurniture.co.uk/restoration-gallery-wood-furniture-restorer-furniture-restoration-furniture-repair-woodwork-repair you really dont have a call to action on the page that jumps out at the customer. I would assume your goal is to have a potential customer on your website book time to speak with you or book an appointment to get work done? 
    Next is this page https://www.samryanfurniture.co.uk/furniture-products-gallery-furniture-making-hand-made-woodwork-wooden-furniture 
    Are you not selling these online? If not you should be, you have people on your website sell them an amazing hand crafted wood product. Here is a great article about how Starbucks used data they collected on customers to help them figure out that online sales are the wave of the future and now is the best time to jump on board the train. https://www.inc.com/justin-bariso/starbucks-pickup-is-a-smart-covid-related-adjustment.html
    1) Text is too small 
    2) I would change the color of the mouse or hover over to match the blue green color on the rest of the website
    3) again text is too small 
    4) text is too small and ver hard to read, along with being confusing. ( I would not say what the image is rather what the section below is OUR MISSION ) 
    I hope that you can make these updates and get more out of your website, if you want more info please feel free to message me directly. I only spent 5 min. on your site and I would love to do a deeper dive if you would like some more tips.
    - Justin S. 

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    JustinSeimits reacted to tuanphan in Fixed transparent footer   
    Hi. Where is social icons? Do you still need help on this?
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from creedon in 7.1 Swap block order on mobile   
    @creedon I got it to work, thank you very much for your help. What a weird bug.
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    JustinSeimits reacted to creedon in 7.1 Swap block order on mobile   
    Your issue is that your images are laid out in 3 columns. You are going to want two rows.
    With 3 columns on mobile the second column slides under the first and the third under the second. Hence the undesirable order.
    One way to get two row is to first create a line block above your images. It will need to be the full length of the page width.

    Move the first 3 images above line.

    One you have two rows with the help of the line block. Remove the line block and save.
    Hopefully you've created two rows and now things will look OK on mobile.
    Let us know how it goes.
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    JustinSeimits reacted to creedon in 7.1 Swap block order on mobile   
    Add the following to Design > Custom CSS.
    @media screen and ( max-width : 767px ) {   [data-section-id="6031a131b065b425a5cbcdc5"] .sqs-row .sqs-row:nth-child( 3 ) {        display : flex;     flex-direction : column-reverse;          }   } This is for a v7.1 site and specific to POA's needs.
    Let us know how it goes.
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    JustinSeimits reacted to tuanphan in Making a folder clickable in Squarespace 7.1   
    Add to Home > Settings > Advanced > Code Injection > Footer
    <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.0/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function() { $('.header-nav-folder-title[href="/services-1"]').click(function() { window.location = "/services"; }); }); </script>  
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    JustinSeimits reacted to Falconer in Is Squarespace always so limiting?   
    Well after spending lots of time with it I can say that Squarespace is now my chosen platform over Wix. It can be frustrating when it won't do things exactly as you'd imagined but it's so elegantly designed that often it's probably preferable that it reins you in a little. 
    7.1 has been great for me, I love how responsive it is on desktop and how good my site looks on mobile too.
    Here's my finished site anyway if anybody cares to take a look - martinfalconer.com
    Had a bit of trouble getting the background video to load properly on the homepage but seems to be alright now. 
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from Vicki-Blumango in Scheduler - does it offer other functionality   
    @Vicki-Blumango I have more questions for you about this but short answer most of these yes 
    You will be able to add a form for people to answer questions and you can make them requirements but the scheduler will not not allow someone to book if the answer a question that disqualifies them (the user will need to see "if answer is no, you will not be able to book this way please choose this option" 
    If you are looking for a more custom option here I am more than willing to talk with you about solutions but an out of the box scheduler will not be exactly what you are looking for it may sort of work but will not be 100% what you want like a custom solution would be. 
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from Cap10_RedBeard in Choosing the one (template)   
    do you have any example sites that you like?
    The thing with squarespace is that it will allow you to build a custom site no matter which template that you choose. The templates are more a starting point for you and you will be able to add everything you want when you need it.
    I would say look through the templates and the one that feels the most like the site you want to build would be the best to choose. 

    If you run into issues, or decide that you want to go with a professional designer feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from Swapnil in Feedback on my blog for professionals   
    @Swapnil I would change the homepage banner image as it does nothing for the site, I would choose an image that has more impact on the website visitor!
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from IntaG in Photography website feedback   
    @TimTadder This is one of the best sites built with squarespace I have seen in a while! I also love the mask thyself campaign!!!
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from derricksrandomviews in Is Squarespace always so limiting?   
    @Falconer you need to get used to it. I use both wix and squarespace and would pick squarespace any day over wix. You will need to learn the CSS tricks to do the things you want but once you have found good resources or are able to use a service like ghost plugins you can make a squarespace site in 1/3 of the time compared to wix. 
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    JustinSeimits reacted to tuanphan in Transferring an account from designer back to me   
    1. She need to invite you as a contributor with admin permission: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206537287-Inviting-a-contributor
    2. You accept.
    3. She need to transfer ownership to you. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206537197-Changing-site-ownership
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    JustinSeimits reacted to TimTadder in Photography website feedback   
    Thanks so much! appreciate it! 
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    JustinSeimits reacted to kerttu in Feedback on a site promoting waste consciousness   
    Looks good!

    Paragraph font is very small and had to zoom in on my browser to be able to read it. Loving the colors and the visual feel you have on your site. I'd recommend to increase the base size of all the fonts. I'm using iMac Pro which has a big screen, and it didn't help.

    I also agree with Justin414 that the text color versus the background color is lacking contrast. Perhaps make those white or make the background darker?
    waste consciousness and mindful consumption.
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    JustinSeimits reacted to TimTadder in Photography website feedback   
    Site URL: https://www.timtadder.com/
    Thank you for taking a minute to help me with my new website. I am a commercial advertising photographer and just moved my website to the squarespace platform to improve the sotry telling and SEO squarespace adds with its setup. 
    I am experiencing analytic disasters compared to my previous site which is exactly what I did not want to happen. My bounce rates are off the chats and the speed ot the site is horrible. There is not much difference from my previous site as far as the amount of images and videos being served so I am curious to get user feedback. 
    Thank you so much for the consideration. Best 
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    JustinSeimits got a reaction from DanielLucasDesigns in Navigation Link Hover Animation Change   
    @DanielLucasDesigns Do you have the password for this website? I would love to help you with your issue. It is fairly simple to change the hover colors. I want to make sure I am targeting the correct links. 
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    JustinSeimits reacted to e2astudio in 7.1 is horrible right?   
    Yes. It's a different way to build pages and I find it refreshing and quite powerful. Maybe you should take a breath and just try it out by building a trial?
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