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  1. @razvanlacatus The home page main banner image is too big, should fit on the screen. The cocktail menu on top of the image makes it hard to read. (I would match the above food menu layout of an image and then another section with the menu.) The scroll down to discover menu section seems like it missing something and has lots of white space, also why are you telling people to scroll down more to discover the menu? on the bottom with the last section and the 2 footers if the site is Italian make them the color of the Italian flag... For the booking why do you not have online booking? Hope this all helps you out!
  2. @VAMICreations two items the top menu is too large, go in and get rid of the white space on the image so you can make the menu bar smaller. second I will attach an image, these need to be divided with lines, or you need to re-design the section. It has too much going on and not enough separation, so that a user would know that they can click on these images, they really need to have separation.
  3. @Swapnil I would change the homepage banner image as it does nothing for the site, I would choose an image that has more impact on the website visitor!
  4. The sand color image, looks like you have that sand color as the overlay, I would get rid of it or switch it to white, or black and see what it looks like. The green image looks much better!
  5. do you have any example sites that you like? The thing with squarespace is that it will allow you to build a custom site no matter which template that you choose. The templates are more a starting point for you and you will be able to add everything you want when you need it. I would say look through the templates and the one that feels the most like the site you want to build would be the best to choose. If you run into issues, or decide that you want to go with a professional designer feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
  6. yeah this sounds good and you will need 48-72 hours when you transfer the domain so you may have your site down to that period which is unavoidable.
  7. @ZeeshanAli I would contact squarespace customer support to get the answer that you are looking for here. Because my guess is just that a guess.
  8. @Vicki-Blumango I have more questions for you about this but short answer most of these yes You will be able to add a form for people to answer questions and you can make them requirements but the scheduler will not not allow someone to book if the answer a question that disqualifies them (the user will need to see "if answer is no, you will not be able to book this way please choose this option" If you are looking for a more custom option here I am more than willing to talk with you about solutions but an out of the box scheduler will not be exactly what you are looking for it may sort of work but will not be 100% what you want like a custom solution would be.
  9. @propida are you able to take a screen shot of the page after you click on the domains managed by 3rd party. This will give more info to me so I can see what is verified and what is not. The next page will show the DNS which will give the whole picture.
  10. @l_o_t_u_s this may help and if not let me know and I can do a dive into your site and get you the css you need to make this happen. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/231746347-Styling-Products-Pages
  11. @Falconer you need to get used to it. I use both wix and squarespace and would pick squarespace any day over wix. You will need to learn the CSS tricks to do the things you want but once you have found good resources or are able to use a service like ghost plugins you can make a squarespace site in 1/3 of the time compared to wix.
  12. @woonkwonk if you are ok sharing you login info with me I can go in and take a look and see what is going on and after you can change the pw.
  13. @TimTadder This is one of the best sites built with squarespace I have seen in a while! I also love the mask thyself campaign!!!
  14. @WendyBlack Your site is really great, it needs a few updates to make it more likely to get a user to have a good experience on. I have helped hundreds of business owners like yourself re-design or update their website helping them to become more successful. Please feel free to message me directly so that we can talk more about your pain points with your website and your business goals over the next 6-12 months. Here are a few things off the top of my mind to help your website out: 1) The first image you see on the big beautiful banner the words are washed out, the menu also is very hard to see, these can be fixed by changing the color of the text or you can add an overlay to the image. 2) I would say too much text, I look at this and think I don't know what is important and I don't have time to figure it out you have about 5 seconds to get someone to make a decision and mine immediately was that I don't want to read this. SOLUTION: if you break up the text more into easier to digest sections it will help the user to make a decision and read more about you and your amazing company. 3) If you see the menu is washed out on the drop down, this should have an overlay in white or any color you want to choose so that you can see all of the menu. 4) In the shop drop down you have NEW PAGE which is a non designed page that I would remove. 5) I would finally suggest that you make a page that if someone clicks on shop they come to a page that has images with text overlay of each shop category that you have so that they will be directed to the appropriate page rather than directly to the bridal page which is the default of how squarespace works you click on the folder and you will be directed to the first page in the folder. Look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best!
  15. @maisaguam The site looks amazing first off and my input is very minimal, your company looks amazing and you are making some great products for the planet keep up the good work! 1) The first image I think the background image or the text color need to change it looks very washed out in my opinion and most likely hard to see for some people. 2) This text is way too small and impossible to read (im on a 15 inch macbook and I can barely see it)
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