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  1. Hi All, On one page of my site I have a code block where I link to the bootsrap css file. Upon inspection I can see that the reboot.css file is overriding some of my css, changing the colours of the navigation links etc. Is there a way to override this and implement my own nav colours again. Can't provide a link to site due to it being confidential. Thanks in advance, Abi
  2. Please could you mark my answer as the correct answer. You can download an extension for chrome called 'Squarespace ID finder' or similar, when activated it shows you all of the id's for your page.
  3. Setting it to 100 should solve your issue, if not add this css section[data-section-id="5ed686114dd6953ec47a4866"] { height: 100vh !important; }
  4. Hi Faizal, You haven't provided a password so I cannot see the site. Is this a Squarespace 7 or 7.1 site? If it's a Squarespace 7 site you need to use the url slug for the page section, for example #banner and add css such as #banner { height: 100vh !important; } if it is a Squarespace 7.1 site you can adjust the height in the menu as shown in the attached screenshot which is found by editing the section and clicking the pencil icon.
  5. Site URL: https://alpaca-cornet-akec.squarespace.com/home I have used the code h3 { font-family: 'relation-two' !important; } and it isn't working, why would this be? Site password: forum
  6. Just the one on the green background on the linked page! The testimonials.
  7. Site URL: https://gazelle-tetra-6em8.squarespace.com/ I have a carousel summary block that I would like to auto scroll every two seconds, what code can I add? https://gazelle-tetra-6em8.squarespace.com/ password: DevTeam
  8. Site URL: https://gazelle-tetra-6em8.squarespace.com/general For the site - https://gazelle-tetra-6em8.squarespace.com/general password: DevTeam The anchor links under the dropdown FAQ aren't working as expected. 'Applicants' and 'Supporters' are supposed to scroll down the FAQ page (/general) to the relevant headings. The Applicants link only works some of the time.
  9. Are there any limits to this plugin / does it work well?
  10. Did you work this out? I would also like to know the answer!
  11. I have used the section ID and added in the custom scroll smooth css. However if I scroll to to the top of the page and click the same link again it won't scroll down a second time, like it does in 7.0. Any tips?
  12. I have increased the logo size on my site using this code; .header-title-logo img{ max-height: 850px !important; max-width: 850px !important; } On desktop my logo shows centrally but on laptop it isn't central https://coral-pufferfish-7fhr.squarespace.com/ Password: romshed
  13. Site URL: https://mauve-heptagon-drgc.squarespace.com/ https://mauve-heptagon-drgc.squarespace.com/ Password: noble I have forced the mobile menu on desktop using this code: @media screen and (min-width:641px) { /* Show Mobile Header on Desktop */ [data-nc-base="mobile-bar"] { display: block; } /* Hide Desktop Header */ .Header { display: none !important; } } However my client would like the logo and menu icon to sit over the banner image rather than have the white header. Can anyone help please?
  14. I would like to know how to center a form on my website - https://yellow-iris-fyzl.squarespace.com/competitions/competition-title
  15. On the mobile version of my site I have used some code to reduce the size of my images. However the following content hasn't moved up the screen into the new space. I would also like the image centred on mobile. https://apricots-lute-e75n.squarespace.com/packages Password: albert
  16. Is there a way of doing this for tablet too? Thanks in advance!
  17. I have a gallery block on this page and I would like the titles to also be clickable, is there code I can use to do this? https://oval-green-mdps.squarespace.com/portfolio Password: abibdevelopment
  18. I have created a gallery page and then on the linked page added in a summary block linked to the gallery page. Is there a way to make the images not be cropped and to show the full image? And is there a way to make the image titles bold on hover? https://oval-green-mdps.squarespace.com/portfolio Password: abibdevelopment
  19. This sounds like what I'm looking for! Any advice would be appreciated. https://oval-green-mdps.squarespace.com/ Password: abibdevelopment
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