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  1. @HoaLT - I'm seeing a spacing issue on that section I didn't notice before - are you able to pinpoint where this is coming from? I looked at the code but I can't figure out what's forcing the extra space. This results in a horizontal scroll bar I don't want.
  2. This worked @HoaLT - Very much appreciate your time and effort putting together the altered JS for me.
  3. Site URL: https://www.anexceptionallife.com/ Hi All, I've implemented a summary block (using lazy summaries plug-in) to get a carousel of quotes rotating towards the bottom of my homepage. Currently everything is functioning exactly as I intended with one exception. I would like to have the carousel auto-rotation pause when someone hovers over the quote. https://www.anexceptionallife.com/ Does anyone know if there's a specific javascript snippet I can use to target that block and pause on mouse-hover? Thank you!
  4. @paul2009, Curious here since Squarespace customer service just advised that no currently offered API's can pull the product form details into a Google Sheet. Can you provide any more specific detail on how this might be achieved? I was looking into Automate.io as the juncture between SS API's and Google Sheets. For example: Consumer selects Add to Cart and is presented with a form: Flavor 1: Dropdown Flavor 2: Dropdown Flavor 3: Dropdown Flavor 4: Dropdown Notes: Text box response Ultimately it would improve our business processes to be able to see a full list of orders on any particular day with answers by the column so I can full totals and produce a specific number of each respective flavor. Any ideas on this? Thank you! Will
  5. Hi Andrea, I saw your post on your website and this post here. First off, thanks for putting together the comprehensive guide on this. Are you aware of how I might engage this exact same process on SQSP 7.1? I noticed on the comments in your website that you were aware there's potential that the Squarespace team incorporated the necessary adjustments to integrate those Pinterest tracking features. Do you happen to have any updates there? Thanks! Will
  6. Thanks @HaleyWard - clutch answer on this one I spent the whole day working through my own and came very close to what you had but yours did the trick. Appreciate the help here!
  7. @paul2009 Appreciate you doing God's work and bringing the solution from another thread over to this thread. Thank you!
  8. Going to piggyback on this thread since @MattKurkowski just replied on Monday and it seems this issue is persisting and problematic for several SS 7.1 users. Can someone from the @SQUARESPACE team advise when this update will be released? This is a major functionality issue from a user standpoint and can lead to confusion. At the very least it should mirror the SS 7.0 functionality where we have the option to do this. I confirmed again today with SS customer care that they do not have current notes on how this can happen - the suggestions are to use links which we are all aware cannot house the sub-pages relevant to the primary navigation link we want linked. I'd really appreciate some sort of help with resolving this within the Squarespace framework. Some might disagree with the group above but at the least having an option for this would be a great feature.
  9. There wasn't a solution for this based on what I researched. Perhaps @tuanphan can help you with the request. I ended up advising my client to leave it as is since the hassle was more time consuming that it was worth for all involved.
  10. Does anyone have a solution for this question? I'm running into the same issue and I'm certain there has to be a way to resolve this?
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