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  1. Thanks @HaleyWard - clutch answer on this one I spent the whole day working through my own and came very close to what you had but yours did the trick. Appreciate the help here!
  2. @paul2009 Appreciate you doing God's work and bringing the solution from another thread over to this thread. Thank you!
  3. Going to piggyback on this thread since @MattKurkowski just replied on Monday and it seems this issue is persisting and problematic for several SS 7.1 users. Can someone from the @SQUARESPACE team advise when this update will be released? This is a major functionality issue from a user standpoint and can lead to confusion. At the very least it should mirror the SS 7.0 functionality where we have the option to do this. I confirmed again today with SS customer care that they do not have current notes on how this can happen - the suggestions are to use links which we are all aware cann
  4. There wasn't a solution for this based on what I researched. Perhaps @tuanphan can help you with the request. I ended up advising my client to leave it as is since the hassle was more time consuming that it was worth for all involved.
  5. Does anyone have a solution for this question? I'm running into the same issue and I'm certain there has to be a way to resolve this?
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