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  1. Hi, Im looking into resizing 2 images on the footer to fit the mobile view. They currently look huge. www.gypset.com password: gypset2020
  2. Hi, Im trying to change the color of the arrow on the gallery reel full screen view and get rid of the white semitransparent square. Any thoughts! Thanks!! www.gypset.com password: gypset2020
  3. Hi, I want to change the color of the logo only when the navigation on mobile is open. Currently is black I would like it to be white. Also I want to change the shopping cart icon to white when the menu is open only. Currently what the X is doing now. www.gypset.com password: gypset2020
  4. Site URL: https://us.typology.com/about-us#2 Hi Im looking into add a content box over 4 consecutive banner images like the site linked below. Let me know if you have any ideas? Thanks https://us.typology.com/about-us#2
  5. hi guys, im looking to make a just one section of my site that has 2 image poster blocks, full bleed. Currently there is padding all around. I want it to look like the attached image. here is the site www.gypset.com password: gypset2020 thanks in advance
  6. Thank you! But Im looking to add an image I have a png I would like to upload.
  7. Hi, I need some help trying to upload a small image to the nav bar. It has to go next to contact or the shopping cart (squarespace 7.1) Any help appreciated. www.gypset.com password: gypset2020
  8. It worked, thanks!!! but the image on the right side is not showing for some reason.
  9. Amazing thank you! I would like to also get rid of the padding at the bottom so its flushed with the newsletter footer. Any thoughts on how to? Thank you so much again.
  10. https://round-vanilla-7mwd.squarespace.com password: gypset2020 thank you!
  11. Site URL: https://round-vanilla-7mwd.squarespace.com/ Does anyone know a code for a full width instagram feed? I am using Squarespace 7.1 and I have found codes online for 7.0 but none of them work. Thanks in advance.
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