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  1. This works great for me on desktop, but when I click the "question" on mobile it skips to the top of the page. Any ideas? I presume it's something to do with: href="#"
  2. Here's some basic tips for you: 1. Turn on SSL - that will help. 2. Put something in the site title - something you want her site to be found for. 3. Put a H1 at the top of the home page that describes her book, and is also something you want the site to rank for. 4. Make a google my business page for her (presumably, as an author) 5. Ask this site if they will link to it: https://mindspring.uk.com/pages/lucy-ryan
  3. Issue not fixed. Support have logged it as a genuine bug and have added it to the queue for fixing.
  4. Hi all, just picking this up. I had the same problem, so I put a positive position on the container (which crops, as you know) and a negative position on the img, to the value of half. This re-aligns the image centrally. .gallery-reel-item-src{ left: 34px } .gallery-reel-item img{ left: -17px; }
  5. Yes it happens on every 7.1 site I have made. I contacted support about this. Although they were not particularly helpful, the issue seems to be fixed. I'll verify on Monday when I can test it on the 27inch mac in the office.
  6. The font size for headings changes at the breakpoint set by the site width (plus padding). For example. If you have a site set to, say 1400px wide, within browser windows larger than that, the font size for headings will be smaller. This destroys composition and design balance. On inspection, for browser widths less than the max width, headings are calculated like this: font-size: calc(2.16vw + 1rem); And for browsers wider than the site's max width, headings are calculated like this: font-size: calc(2.8rem); Is this a bug? Has anyone else had this error? Surely the font size for browser windows wider than the break point should match the size of the largest calculation, pre break point. I can override it with CSS, but that just doesn't seem right.
  7. Portfolio Grid: Simple stretches beyond the site width. How do restrict it, so that it adheres to the width of the site? The only options I can see are "Full" and "Inset". Neither are suitable. Thanks
  8. Thank you. I have actually just discovered how to do it and got it to work.
  9. All google fonts do not seem to be available on 7.1. For example, Inter, and DM Sans. Does anyone know how can I use these fonts?
  10. Is there a way to build a landing page in 7.1 without using CSS to hide the header and footer? I'm cool with using CSS to do this, but I just wanted to make sure that there isn't a more elegant solution to this that I am missing.
  11. Hi, I have just noticed this, too. It also affects portfolio thumbnails. Do you know how to erase / overwrite the image title and caption on these? Also, what is a "regen" and how do you ask Squarespace for one? Thanks
  12. Sorry, got to ask.. Why would you want to do that?
  13. I agree. I also raised the point that it was misleading potential customers and the response was equally disappointing. I don't know why they would display 2 x off the shelf options, and then one random design that you might be able to make with advanced knowledge of custom code.
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