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  1. Site URL: https://partysloth.co I would love feedback on this site we just launched. It has a lot of custom CSS, including: custom cursor (sometimes this flickers upon hovering, any ideas?) moving images (using custom CSS) custom mobile flyout menu (does anyone know how to change the colors of the burger and cart icon when the menu is open?) Thanks in advance!
  2. You can do this using JavaScript. Insert the below code using code injection within the product page. As @Paul2009 said, this won't prevent people from adding the max amount multiple times, or changing the number in the shopping cart, but it prevents people from adding more than the max via the product page's add-to-cart function. Product page > Additional info > Code injection > [insert below] > Save <script> document.querySelectorAll("input")[0].setAttribute("max", "#"); </script> Change "#" to whatever number to be. For example, if you don't want customers to be able to buy more than 3, your code would be: <script> document.querySelectorAll("input")[0].setAttribute("max", "3"); </script> Hope this helps!
  3. How do you change the burger and cart icon colors in the flyout mobile menu without changing them when the menu is collapsed, as well?
  4. I'm using Markdown to create an expanding accordion menu. When you first view the page, the text is hidden. You can click to expand a drop down accordion menu that displays nested text. The issue is that the expanded text messes up the way elements below it on the page display. It looks like the images and backgrounds below the markdown do not respond to the expanded text and remain in their initial position, but the text below the markdown does respond to the expanded text and moves further down the page. The result is that the text appears to overlay or overflow on top of the content beneath the markdown. I already contacted Squarespace support and they verified that this issue was not a known issue, that it is not currently in the works for resolution, and that it has nothing to do with my custom CSS. They suggested I ask the forum, so I'm coming to you guys! The structure for the site I'm using to illustrate this is as follows:Brine templateIndex with pagesSolid color blocks are their own pagesFull bleed images with parallax are their own pages with the image set as the background for the page Here is the Markdown basic structure: <details> <summary>Click to expand!</summary> content goes here </details> Illustrated on this Github forum here: https://gist.github.com/pierrejoubert73/902cc94d79424356a8d20be2b382e1ab I saw in other questions that some issues with Markdown could be resolved by disabling Ajax loading. I have disabled it and still see the issue. Would love some help with this! Website: teese.squarespace.comPassword: teese
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