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  1. Site URL: https://tetra-tangerine-bw7d.squarespace.com/ Hi I have a self hosted FlipBook using PDF Flip which works well here. https://www.cheswickconsutlants.a2hosted.com/ I dont seem able to embed it though and i am trying with <iframe allowfullscreen="" height="600" src="http://www.sitename.com/FolderName/index.html" width="100%"></iframe> Could anyone provide a solution. Many thanks Jai
  2. Thanks mate, spent freeking ages trying to work that one out. Sqaurespace need to be up on this.
  3. It doesn’t work, which is unfortunate. The subscribe page doesn’t open. Jai
  4. A current issue with Scheduling is that if you book through it (or Acuity) you cannot get the clients email address / detials into Sqaurespace Mail, whihc seems totally daft to me. Currently I have Acuity mail templates but I want to use Squarepace Mail but cannot without doubling up. Surely there should be a way to get scheduling clients email address into Sqaurespace Mail ?
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