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    BarbaraD reacted to jaisequoia in Where did the product item nav (prev/next) go?   
    Thanks so much @paul2009 This was a thorough explanation. Already building in 7.1 so I guess we'll just have to let it go. 
    **UPDATE** actually I just discovered that when in QUICK VIEW on a shop page there are forward/back arrows to the far left and right of the window to allow one to move through products that way. Interesting!
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    BarbaraD reacted to AlexSantos in Should I use 7.1 or Brine?   
    Hello Kerstin, I am as delighted as you are. So far I haven't seen anything that I don't like. It's easier to use with a very simple yet interesting user interface and this version is really built for ease of use. I think clients will be able to cope easier with 7.1.
    Squarespace made the bold and wise decision to pin all their templates to a single code base, a brilliant strategy. Metaphorically, it's like one single operating system with each template behaving like an app. This can help development focus on stamping out bugs, adding features and integrations at a much faster pace, thereby expanding the scope of the platform. It may even give them an opportunity to contemplate specific technology packages — layered parallax scrolling, animations and other considerations such as how to deliver a proper SVG import mechanism and maybe even a proper method to create recurring calendar events.
    I look forward to this new version with a keen eye.
    v7.0 templates are still available at the end of the templates page you mentioned.
    Thanks for providing your perspective.
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    BarbaraD reacted to tuanphan in 7.1 is horrible right?   
    If you want to create gallery slider & overlay text, you can use this plugin. I did for a client on ss 7.1 yesterday 😂
    If you only want gallery & caption, you can search Gallery Caption round two on forum, there is a great guide by @brandon, of course it is free, just copy & paste code.

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    BarbaraD reacted to ConanKarpinski in How do I make my white logo become black on a different page?   
    Site URL: http://www.littleindiaforever.com
    How do I make my white logo become black on a different page? 
    Hey everyone, as you can see on some pages there is no logo as it is a white logo on a white page - how do I invert the code to make the logo black on that page? 
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    BarbaraD reacted to tuanphan in How do I make my white logo become black on a different page?   
    Add to Page Settings > Advanced > Header
    <style> .header-title-logo img { filter: invert(1); } </style>  
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    BarbaraD reacted to Peter Rox of The Future in How do I change the background of a page or pages in an index?   
    I'm asking this question so I can answer it!
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    BarbaraD reacted to sssupers in After a successful form submission, how do I redirect to another page?   
    After a visitior has sent a message through a form how can I redirect them to a specified page?
    Thx. sss
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    BarbaraD reacted to edwinorange in How can I track form submissions in Google Analytics?   
    I'm want to use Google Analytics to track conversions from my Squarespace 6 site - those conversions being a completed form on the site - but cannot find a way to include the code in the submission button or the form submitted page.
    Does anyone know of a workaround to allow me to track completed forms?
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    BarbaraD reacted to WalterLikesAnswers in Can code override the 30-items-limit for blog posts in the new Summary Block?   
    I love the new Summary Block. And I would like to use it to let a visitor browse through excerpts of my blogposts before they dive into the posts themselves - especially the carousel option is extremely suitable for that.
    Bummer: when you try to implement this feature the number of blogposts that you can show is limited to 30.
    Would anyone now if the 30-items-limit is overridable with some piece of code that could be injected somewhere?
    I know that if you use blog excerpts in the regular way, the number of posts to be displayed is unlimited. But the way in which you can display them is not. And with the new Summary Block you have so many nice options for customisation...
    I also understand that I could implement different Summary Blocks, one after the other, each set up to cover a different time period of a blog.
    But it would be so much better to a have one nice, clean carousel (for instance) to cover all the posts. And since the Summary Block is especially set up to deal with blogs (among others), one would expect to have an 'unlimited option' in the first place, no :-)...?
    Anyway: I don't know anything about code except how to copy and paste it, so if somebody would have a solution: a step by step guide for implementing it would be extremely welcome :-) :-)...
    Thanks a bunch in advance!
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    BarbaraD reacted to rbrinkerhoff in Image hover effect only on linked images?   
    I have an image hover CSS code implemented, but it affects all images on my site. Is there a way to affect just the linked images?
    This is the code I am currently using:

    .sqs-block-image .intrinsic .image-block-wrapper img:hover { opacity: 0.5; }
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    BarbaraD reacted to Debstcc in How do I create a text rollover on my gallery thumbnails?   
    I have a gallery grid and am wanting to find a way of being able to hover over each thumbnail and it shows an id number for each picture. It shows the ID number on the rollover when I click and the lightbox enlarges the image, but ideally would like it to show on the gallery thumbnails also using hover. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just two words of text to show over each picture when hovering.
    I have NO experience with CSS (but am happy to give it a try!) so if anyone can help, please make it as simple as you can :)
    Could you also please let me know if the code would ALL go into the Style section of CSS.
    It would have been great if there was somewhere we could give a title to the images and it would show up perhaps under each photo in the grid, but unfortunately I've been told this isn't possible at the moment.I've been trying to work this out for 3 days now and would be very grateful for any help at all.Thanks for your time.
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    BarbaraD reacted to BCjeff21 in Remove header only on mobile with custom CSS?   
    I'm using the Five Template, and I'm having all kinds of problems with my custom header in mobile. Help referred me here and said custom CSS could fix my issue. I know nothing of web design so that's why I'm here.
    Is there a way to disable the header all together for my mobile version only? That way I'll only have the Nav Bar at the top?
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    BarbaraD reacted to keenyana in What’s the optimal image size?   
    Does anyone know the optimal image size to upload so that it is sharp at full screen, but doesn’t unduly slow the loading of your site? Also, does it even matter?
    Are images you upload held someplace on “static&period;squarespace&period;com…” area? That way it can be re-sized for large screen, tablet, smartphone, etc.
    I ask because I find my site can load slow sometimes and I noticed that the image sizes I uploaded were fairly big, 1000 × 1000px.
    Just trying to understand it better before I spend a bunch of time re-sizing images to potentially speed up my site.
    Thanks in advance for any insights.Ken
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    BarbaraD reacted to licnyguy in Five: Changing banner height on different pages   
    Hello,I am trying to find the correct CSS code to add to a given page to adjust the banner height on my site which uses the template, Five. In the default template, the banner height is universal across all pages, so my goal is to have the banner taller on the homepage and shorter on all other pages. Any help with this adjustment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!Regards,LICNYGUY
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    BarbaraD reacted to john_mtthws in Five: Does anyone have CSS to override the homepage header size?   
    I am using a FIVE template but I would like to be able to have variable header sizes by the page. I am currently using the page thumbnail as the header, I would like the home page to be a large header but take the other pages down to like 50% of the home page banner size. PLEASE HELP!
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    BarbaraD reacted to zakovich in Five: remove/hide banner on one page only   
    I would like to remove the banner image across the top of my Gallery page without removing or distorting the banner images on other pages. I understand you can do this, as there are numerous articles in the support community with custom CSS code to make it work. But, I've looked into the options given and I am unable to make it work. The terms 'modulePage' and others to find the page ID do not turn up results when viewing source.Are there alternatives? Or is there something I'm missing.
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