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  1. Site URL: http://lucienedmd.squarespace.com Is it possible to make a code block a circle? I have an embeded video that I would like to appear as a circle instead of a rectangle. luciendmd.squarespace.com (password: test)
  2. Does anybody know how to make this video code block full-width? site is: luciendmd.squarespace.com (password: test)
  3. Paul, might it be possible to accomplish this same look with a video block?
  4. Is there a way to disable the 1.) crop and 2.) loop feature on a background video. There is important text that I need to remain in view and the crop is cutting it off, and the loop ruins the effect I'm going for.
  5. It's the white logo on this and the other product pages. https://www.timrossow.com/gallery/ruby-beach-with-driftwood-log
  6. I'm trying to invert the logo on all product pages. I've managed to do this on the Cart page, but don't know how to target it on the product pages. Does anybody have code for this?
  7. Thanks, Paul! It worked--just not right away for some reason....had to refresh the page. Any idea on how I can invert the logo color or change the logo to a darker version on that page?
  8. Thanks for the correction! That code isn't working for some reason...
  9. I need to remove the text that says "shopping cart" on this checkout page. Any ideas?
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